Sunday, July 31, 2005

Soltani was accused to reveal Iran's nuclear secrets

BBC: Soltani, Kazemi's lawyer, was accused to reveal nuclear secrets to foreign countries. Among Mr. Soltani's clients are some who have been charged for spying iranian nuclear programe. Mr. Soltani has been Kazemi's parents and Ganji's lawyer too. Shirin Ebadi, Nobel prize winner, called all accusationa false.

Rafsanjani & Future

In an interview with Professor Abrahamian (Iran between two revolutions, Radical Islam, ...)
from N.Y. for WashingtonPrism I asked what he thinks about Rafsanjani's future(Interview will be online this Friday and these two senteces are excluded from it by me). He said he will become a voice of Bazar, rich people and a more and more open market.

Lawyers under attack!

Shirin Ebadi, Noble prize winner and Ganji's lawyer, told press (IraneMa) that she got two life threating messages on her answering machine. It happened one day after Soltani,Kazemi & Ganji's lawyer, got arrested.

Solidarity with Ganji in Tehran

According to Kosoof weblog Saturday night about 1000 people with candels in hands came together in front of Ganji's house. Among these people there are political personalities such as Amirentezam, former speaker of first iranian goverment after revolution, who passed about two decades in prison and Hajarian a reformist politician. Presence of Simin Behbahani who is one of stars of persian litterature and many other personalities
has given a new dimension to solidarity with Ganji.
Karoubi who got more 4 million votes in presedential election has sent a letter to Ayatholah Khamenei about Ganji and asked him to make apersonal intervention.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Soltani was arrested

According to ISNA, Mr.Soltani who is Zahra Kazemi's parents lawyer was arrested today. Nobody knows what are his charges.

TeleSur: Latino Aljazeera?

The launch of what just about everyone is calling the Al-Jazeera of Latin America, however, is not without controversy. Over 70% of the network’s financing came from Venezuela, Cuba, Uruguay, and Argentina. President of TeleSur says we are against Cultural Imperialism and we want to cover regional news. It is very hard to believe how TeleSur can promote freedom and
freedom of expression with Cuba in its board!!!!

Gholamhosein Elham in Ahmadinejad's Cabinet

Farsnews: Mr.Elham speaker of Council of Guardian confirmed he will be in Ahmadinejad's cabinet. He didn't precise what will be his position. Elham is speaker of Council of Guardian and
he says he will stay as speaker of this organisation becuase he doesn't consider it as a job.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Asefi: Ahmadinejad was not a hostage taker

FarsNews: Iranian Foreign Affairs speaker,Mr.Asefi, called WhiteHouse accusations about Mr.Ahmadinejad baseless.He added iranian president was not a hostage taker in 1979 in US Embassy.

Deep Background

The American Conservative Magazine:

In Washington it is hardly a secret that the same people in and around the administration who brought you Iraq are preparing to do the same for Iran.

The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States. Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing—that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack—but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections. More

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gary Sick answers a weblogger about Ganji

what iranian webloggers say about Ganji VI

Gary Sick: Hoder wrote to me privately to ask what I thought of the thesis he isdeveloping that Ganji is simply one of the latest pawns in a clever gameboth by the Bush administration and the Iranian regime. He argued in hispublished blog item that the Bush administration would prefer a dead Ganjiwho can serve as a martyred symbol of resistance, rather than a liveGanji.

I suspect that what you are describing is the likely outcome -- i.e. thatGanji won't die, that he'll be discredited as much as possible by theregime, and that the hawks will be largely deprived of one tool in theirarsenal. But I don't think there is so far much evidence of a "Ganjistrategy" on the US side.The neo-cons and others are merely following their instincts to go for anyopening they can find to attack Iran. They would certainly increase theirlevel of attack if he should die, but I suspect they know that that is nottheirs to decide or even to think too much about. They are just using theammunition that is provided to them, rather chaotically in my view --improvisation rather than a well-considered strategy.The folks favoring early, assisted Iran regime change ARE lookingsystematically for an Iranian "leader." They want someone who willgalvanize public opinion and who has enough credibility with the Iranianpublic to justify a full-fledged campaign of support -- public and/orcovert.The young shah was (and remains) a possibility; but I think even mostneo-cons realize that he carries too much baggage and is not all thatcharismatic. But there have been a string of others. The MKO was (and is)a favorite of a number of neo-cons, although its appeal has faded quite a
Khomeini was a possibility; they brought him to Washington and gave him aplatform for some wild talk, but then he disappointed them by going backhome and settling into his privileged establishment life. Today, onlyChristopher Hitchens finds him worth interviewing.The Azerbaijani separatist Mahmud Ali Chehregani was another; he had hisWashington moment of fame. Mohsen Sazegara was the most recent candidate,and the NY Sun got absolutely giddy at the prospect; someone got him avisa despite his past record in the Revolutionary Guards (much betterdocumented than Ahmadinejad), paid his way to the States, and gave him aplatform -- to write and speak and meet all the right people. But hisgreat campaign for a referendum (and of course the boycott) hasn\'t reallycaught on, at least not yet.Ganji is the latest, and in some ways the most promising of all. Iunderstand your point that a dead Ganji could be very useful, but a liveGanji who came to Washington and got the funds and platform to lead amovement might be quite a development.This game is still going on -- and WILL go on until they find the IranianChalabi of their dreams who can mobilize Washington, and perhaps alsoIran, for regime change. I think they are right to believe that you won\'tbe able to sell Washington (or Iranians for that matter) on a pro-active,united regime change policy without a specific Iranian leader with seriouscredentials who is persuasive as a credible alternative.A lot of people have already tried out for this role, which would be wellpaid and prestigious, though perhaps a bit dangerous as well. Despite animaginative and well-funded effort to locate talent, I would say that noreal star has emerged thus far; however, AEI and WINEP are developing astable of candidates they can draw on in the future as the occasionrequires.

Ganji's Letter to Dr. Soroush

Ganji's letter to Dr.Soroush, iranian philosopher in exile, has been published online in Farsi on Gooya. I just try to post important topics here (important according to me!):

Ganji said he wants to show that at the heart of darkness we can turn on the light of hope. He writes in the letter that he was a close student to Soroush. He said the leader wants to turn
iran into One Voice society. Even eleminating his (leader's) foes is not enough for him. He(leader
)wants to change history and make their names disappeared. Ganji called again Khamenei responsible of all regime's crimes such as political assassinations,torture in prison...Ganji said as
Ayatholah Khomeyni said about Shah"Either leader doesn't know what goes on then he is not Shah anymore or he knows and he is responsible for them"! Ganji says it is the same thing about Khamenei. Ganji called his isolated cell a kind of Stalinian torture.
He writes to Soroush about theoricians of violence in islamic republic. These so called theoricians according to Ganji are present in iranian TV, monopolizing sugar trade and made billions. But Dr.Soroush is jobless and in exile. Ganji said again Khamenei must go.


Radio Free Europe: The "Milliyet" newspaper from Turkey reported one day earlier that Iranhas launched a major operation along its border with Iraq and Turkey.According to the Turkish daily, 16 Iranian soldiers and four Kurds werekilled in battles "in the Kelaresh and Milgever areas along the Turkishborder and in the Gaddare areas near the town of Shino, near the borderwith Iraq." Iranian personnel reportedly are operating in the areas nearMarivan and Baneh, Piranshahr and Mahabad, and Sardasht.

What iranian webloggers say about Ganji V

Abbas Maroufi , iranian writer in Germany,calls Ganji a great teacher and a treasure for Iran. He says 2000 days( it refers to Ganji's 5 years in prison) could not break you then nothing else can do. Weblogger asks Ganji to stay alive with us. Maroufi praised Ganji as a great hero. About 50 people left positive comments for Maroufi's writing about Ganji and many gave a link to that.

Tehran accuses US of nuclear double standard

Simon TisdallThursday July 28, 2005The Guardian Iran accused the Bush administration yesterday of operating a double standard and undermining the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by agreeing to aid India's civil nuclear programme, while insisting that Tehran abandon its nuclear ambitions or face international sanctions.
The Iranian accusation will raise the temperature as the EU3 - Britain, France and Germany - prepare to unveil a "final" draft proposal on curbing Iran's nuclear programme early next month. The US and Israel suspect Iran is only months away from acquiring nuclear weapons capability, a charge Tehran flatly denies.

Pejak a terrorist group in Kurdistan

Baztab: According to Baztab Pejak is a subdivision of PKK in Iran. It has conducted anti islamic republic activities and had already killed one soldier.

Iran clamps down on Arab protests

BBC: Iranian police have arrested at least 12 people in connection with fresh protests in Khuzestan province. Iranian media said the unrest was sparked when people took to the streets after being tricked by local conmen. Five people were killed in riots last April over reports that Tehran wanted to change the ethnic balance of the area, home to about 2m ethnic Arabs.
The authorities are sensitive to reports of unrest in Khuzestan, which contains most of Iran's oilfields.

Mortazavi attacks Kazemi's lawyer

According to GooyaNews Mortazavi ( general proseutor) agents attacked Mr. Soltani's house to arrest him. Soltani is Kazimi's( murdered canadian-iranian journalist) parents lawyer. Soltani was not at home.

Ganji's Wife talks to radio Azadegan

She, Masomeh Shafi, said yesterday she met Ganji. He was in very bad condition. He can not see well. He has too much problem with his memory. he isnot same person ... Too weak ... she was in tears during her interview with radio Azadegan. To listen to interview in Farsi go to Gooya

Fred Halliday: No Visa for me!!!

I got a great chance to interview Professor Halliday for WashingtonPrism. After interview he told me he was in Iran in 1979 & 2000 but in june 2005 they refused to give him visa to go to Iran!!! He added his books didn't get published during last 10 years in Iran.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Farda: A New" News Site "

Farda news : A new news site which believes in Islamic revolution's ideas/slogans and decalres
that it will act in framework of Islamic Republic's laws. Farda says that tolerance and truth are it's guidelines. On first page we can see BBC's news, a few articles from Le Monde and....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

In North America and Europe, Right and Left Stand Behind Ganji

WashingtonPrism: Neoconservative news organizations, Republican senators, and U.S President George W. Bush often clash with liberal academics, international human rights groups, and the European Union. On one issue, however, there is growing unanimity: Akbar Ganji, an Iranian dissident journalist incarcerated since 2000, must be freed. A growing chorus of voices from both the right and the left in North America and Europe is speaking out on behalf of Mr. Ganji, whose hunger strike brought him near the brink of death. On July 14, President Bush called on the Iranian government to "release Mr. Ganji immediately and unconditionally and to allow him access to medical assistance." The White House statement signed by President Bush also called on "all supporters of human rights and freedom, and the United Nations, to take up Ganji’s case and the overall human rights situation in Iran." Bush, who often expresses rhetorical support for Iranian dissidents in general, rarely mentions any by name. The European Union, in an unusually strongly worded statement, also called on the Iranian authorities to free Mr. Ganji immediately on humanitarian grounds. Several European Parliament members have also demanded Ganji's unconditional release. European ambassadors in Tehran have reportedly expressed their displeasure with Ganji’s continued detention.

Ganji's wife: "Ganji wants to back to prison"

Ganji's wife said her husband's situation in hospital is worse than prison. She added Ganji wants to go back to prison and he continues his hunger strike. She wrote a letter to Ayatholah Shahrodi, head of islamic republic justice system,and called him responsible if her husband dies.

Farhad Frootanian: Top Iranian artist

He has been in Europe for about two decades. Italy Nederlands....He plays in theater collaborates with several newspapers and.... He is a prize winner too! Read more

What iranian webloggers say about Ganji IV

FMSokhan :Weblogger is a writer whose articles get published on Gooya news. FMSokhan says
that after Ganji it will be our turn, one by one! For this weblogger Ganji acts as a real hero. In another article he writes Ayatholah Khamenei says everbody must be judged according to "law". For FMSokhan the word" Law" is a golden word to make others shut up!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Tehran finds a friend in Baghdad

BBC: Iranian gains - So, after six months, who have the winners been? The Kurds, who now have an unprecedented amount of control over their own affairs. The Shia, of course, who form the bulk of the new government.
And there is another winner, too - one which the Americans can scarcely be very happy about.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq's next-door neighbour, has benefited in every way from President George W Bush's decision to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Sunni insurgents are deliberately targeting Shia It is probably the best thing that has happened to Iran since the Islamic Revolution there in 1979.
Iran has seen its sworn enemy, Saddam, removed from power. And it has seen the arrival in power in Baghdad of pro-Iranian Shia politicians like the prime minister himself, Ibrahim Jaafari.

What iranian webloggers say about Ganji III

Zeytoun: Weblogger says Ganji's story looks like Bobby Sands, irish activist, hunger strike. Weblogger hopes a better end for Ganji. Zeytoun adds that general Prosecutor called all Ganji's photos fake!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ganji's Letter to Ayatholah Montazeri

Ganji is on hunger strike for 42 consecutive days now and he is in hospital. He wrote a letter to the most important religious opposition personality Ayatholah Montazeri. I just mention key topics in his letter(key topics according to me!):
Judge Mortazavi,general Prosecutor of Theran, told Ganji in hospital: Your death is 100% positive for Islamic Republic! But if you die in prison then foreign countries will do a lot of noise about it. Then it will be 50-50 for us. We moved you in hospital that you die here.
In another part of letter Ganji said Mortazavi has told media that Ganji's wife and friends force him to continue huger strike!!! Ganji added that I.R. want to make him killed and blamed his family and friends for that. Same friends and family who beg him to stop his hunger strike.

Ganji explained that iranian elite has enough knowledge about
democracy but they are not ready to pay the price for that

For Ganji Khamenei is the main problem and he must leave power. He says his death is not the death of democracy. Letter in Persian: Gooya

Saturday, July 23, 2005

What Iranian webloggers say about Ganji II

Here & Now: Weblogger is a married 31 years old journalist & philosophy student. He posts daily news about Ganji from BBC & other media. He quoted an iranian writer, Nabavi, in exile
that iranian people don't deserve that Ganji dies for them. Here & Now weblogger believes Ganji has become a brave hero in the eyes of his friends and enemies. Ganji's influence according to weblogger comes more from his personality rather than his writings.

Rezai won't be in Ahmadinejad's cabinet

Mohsen Reazai a former presidential candidate and ex leader of revolutionary guards declared"
he won't be a minister in Ahmadinejad's cabinet. Rezai a conservative candidate a couple of days to election decided not to particpate in election. His son became a "political" refugee in USA a few years ago!

Ahmadinejad & Iranian Economy:"Bank's interest hurt economy"

Khatami considers conservatives who considered iranian banks are against islam because they pay interest, real ignorant people BBC Persian. One of these conservatives is Mr.Ahmadinejad who wants" share oil money with each iranian family" or almost ... A few things History can remind us 1- On one side All these purists "conservatives" say they belong to Ayatholah Khomeyni's ideology or way. On other side they say economy is the most important topic for iranian peolpe. Ayathola Khomeyni never paid any attention to economy. Once he even said "Economy is for Donkey". 2- A bank system without interest payment in a country with 16 percent annual inflation rate is unimaginable. By the way Ahmadinejad as president was unimaginable too. One of main propaganda of islamists at 1978 was "If we got power from Shah
we will bring oil money at your doorstep each month". People believed it in 1978 and many of them in 2005. OLD TRICKS ALWAYS WORK.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Professor Djalili: All dictators Love Chinese Model

Professor Djalili specialist of Iran & International Relations said in an interview with US based
WashingtonPrism : " All dictators love Chinese model including Iranian leaders: Economic Growth with no Political changing but they forgot one thing Iran is not China".
Webgardian: China started to become actively involved with free market and the West at the
end of 70's and Iran just started to close its doors at 1979 after revolution: Just look the difference now.Chinese started to do business and exchange with US,we started to burn US flags. The worst is Iran hasnot finished with its LOSTHIGHWAY yet.

What iranian webloggers say about Ganji I

Dokhtarak: A 20 years weblogger from Iran has never liked Ganji's books or his personality. She believes his release will not creat any problem for Iranian state. Dokhtarak has put(post) one of Ganji's pictures on her weblog. She believes he must be released any how.

The Iraq war is over, and the winner is... Iran

Salon.com: July 21, 2005 Iraq's new government has been trumpeted by the Bush administration as a close friend and a model for democracy in the region. In contrast, Bush calls Iran part of an axis of evil and dismisses its elections and government as illegitimate. So the Bush administration cannot have been filled with joy when Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and eight high-powered cabinet ministers paid an extremely friendly visit to Tehran this week.
The two governments went into a tizzy of wheeling and dealing of a sort not seen since Texas oil millionaires found out about Saudi Arabia. Oil pipelines, port access, pilgrimage, trade, security, military assistance, were all on the table in Tehran. All the sorts of contracts and deals that U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney had imagined for Halliburton, and that the Pentagon neoconservatives had hoped for Israel, were heading instead due east.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What Iranian webloggers think about Ganji?

From today I will check persian weblogs and I try to see what they say about Ganji. I give a summary here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Iran between David Copperfield & Harry Potter

The art of disappearing things is not limited to HP or Copperfield.Iranian state has mastered
this "art" too. An adviser of Khatami declared 2 billion dollars of Oil money has been disappeared!!!!" We don't know what happened to money"! A country who lives by oil money doesn't know who controls pipelines or ... There is a great differnece between D.Copperfield or HP and iranian state: At the end of Cooperfield's show disappeared things or people reappear in Republic Islamic NEVER!!! Disappeared people are six feet deep and disappeared cash sleeps somewhere ... what somebody said Switzerland!!!!

Shiism Gets Power: More & More

Lebanon has now his first shiite Hizbollah minister and an independent shiite foreign affairs minister. I think south of Lebanon is the only place that iranian state was able to export its revolution. In 1982 Hizbollah was created by revolutionary guards to face occupation. Hizbollah
now is the only armed party in country, its leadership is faithful to Iran and now is in goverment. Excellent performance thanks to their leadership, iranian support(let's call it partenership) and Israel's invasion.25 years ago Shiism was considered not important in many people's eyes. Now the shiite clergy runs Iran indirectly a large part of Iraq and have great influence in Lebanon. What's next?Other candidates? Azerbaijan is a shiite country but no sign of active religous movement so far.Probably 70 years of Red empire and Turkey's influence
gave no room to shiite clergy. Bahrin?Shiite power in these 3 countries will encourage other shiite minorities to hope and to organise themselves if circumstances let them to do.
Dr.Firouzeh Nahavandi is a sociologist professor in ULB in Brussels. She is lecturing about
Iran Central Asia and....Recently she has become director of institute of Sociology in ULB.
It was great to interview her. Interview was done in Farsi and published in Washingtonprism.
She says in interview that there is no real democratic opposition in Iran or outside Iran. She
believes iranian are very romantic when it comes to politics. "When Khatami became president
people fell into romantism again. They thought Khatami will change everything but nothing happened". When I asked her can federalism work in Iran? She answered without democracy NO. Nahavandi has already published a book about Iran in french " The Roots of Islamic Revolution". She is going to publish another one about Modernity in Iran & Afghanistan.
She believes nuclear technology is a right for Third World countries but with iranian islamic state there will be a dangerous game......To see interview in Farsi:http://www.washingtonprism.org/showarticle.cfm?id=52