Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ahmadinejad & Iranian Economy:"Bank's interest hurt economy"

Khatami considers conservatives who considered iranian banks are against islam because they pay interest, real ignorant people BBC Persian. One of these conservatives is Mr.Ahmadinejad who wants" share oil money with each iranian family" or almost ... A few things History can remind us 1- On one side All these purists "conservatives" say they belong to Ayatholah Khomeyni's ideology or way. On other side they say economy is the most important topic for iranian peolpe. Ayathola Khomeyni never paid any attention to economy. Once he even said "Economy is for Donkey". 2- A bank system without interest payment in a country with 16 percent annual inflation rate is unimaginable. By the way Ahmadinejad as president was unimaginable too. One of main propaganda of islamists at 1978 was "If we got power from Shah
we will bring oil money at your doorstep each month". People believed it in 1978 and many of them in 2005. OLD TRICKS ALWAYS WORK.


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