Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dr.Firouzeh Nahavandi is a sociologist professor in ULB in Brussels. She is lecturing about
Iran Central Asia and....Recently she has become director of institute of Sociology in ULB.
It was great to interview her. Interview was done in Farsi and published in Washingtonprism.
She says in interview that there is no real democratic opposition in Iran or outside Iran. She
believes iranian are very romantic when it comes to politics. "When Khatami became president
people fell into romantism again. They thought Khatami will change everything but nothing happened". When I asked her can federalism work in Iran? She answered without democracy NO. Nahavandi has already published a book about Iran in french " The Roots of Islamic Revolution". She is going to publish another one about Modernity in Iran & Afghanistan.
She believes nuclear technology is a right for Third World countries but with iranian islamic state there will be a dangerous game......To see interview in Farsi:http://www.washingtonprism.org/showarticle.cfm?id=52


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