Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ganji's Letter to Dr. Soroush

Ganji's letter to Dr.Soroush, iranian philosopher in exile, has been published online in Farsi on Gooya. I just try to post important topics here (important according to me!):

Ganji said he wants to show that at the heart of darkness we can turn on the light of hope. He writes in the letter that he was a close student to Soroush. He said the leader wants to turn
iran into One Voice society. Even eleminating his (leader's) foes is not enough for him. He(leader
)wants to change history and make their names disappeared. Ganji called again Khamenei responsible of all regime's crimes such as political assassinations,torture in prison...Ganji said as
Ayatholah Khomeyni said about Shah"Either leader doesn't know what goes on then he is not Shah anymore or he knows and he is responsible for them"! Ganji says it is the same thing about Khamenei. Ganji called his isolated cell a kind of Stalinian torture.
He writes to Soroush about theoricians of violence in islamic republic. These so called theoricians according to Ganji are present in iranian TV, monopolizing sugar trade and made billions. But Dr.Soroush is jobless and in exile. Ganji said again Khamenei must go.


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Ganji's death is a huge loss for Iranian freedom movement

8:36 PM  
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