Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Shiism Gets Power: More & More

Lebanon has now his first shiite Hizbollah minister and an independent shiite foreign affairs minister. I think south of Lebanon is the only place that iranian state was able to export its revolution. In 1982 Hizbollah was created by revolutionary guards to face occupation. Hizbollah
now is the only armed party in country, its leadership is faithful to Iran and now is in goverment. Excellent performance thanks to their leadership, iranian support(let's call it partenership) and Israel's invasion.25 years ago Shiism was considered not important in many people's eyes. Now the shiite clergy runs Iran indirectly a large part of Iraq and have great influence in Lebanon. What's next?Other candidates? Azerbaijan is a shiite country but no sign of active religous movement so far.Probably 70 years of Red empire and Turkey's influence
gave no room to shiite clergy. Bahrin?Shiite power in these 3 countries will encourage other shiite minorities to hope and to organise themselves if circumstances let them to do.


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