Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Amidst Anxieties and Speculations, Americans Discuss Iran-China Energy Relations

WashingtonPrism:Iran and China enjoy a long history of economic ties, as the two countries have actively cooperated since the beginning of the 1970s. However, with an eye on China’s global ambitions and the uncertainties about the Islamic Republic’s intentions in the Middle East, Washington has increased its scrutiny of Sino-Iranian relations. In a just released report to the Congress, the Pentagon has estimated that China’s energy consumption will reach 12.8 million barrels by 2025. China, the world’s third largest importer of oil, currently consumes over 6 million barrels per day.
In analyzing growing economic cooperation between China and Iran, many observers have stressed the political dimension of this relationship. According to conventional wisdom in Washington, the two countries are moving closer together, in response to the Bush administration’s efforts to keep Tehran and Beijing restrained. “Iran and China need each other,” said Gal Luft, in an interview with Washington Prism.


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