Saturday, August 06, 2005

Chomsky:Two words on Iran

Taqrir Washington
Iran and several other countries have been branded as “rogue states.” Do you think these countries really pose a threat or were they called this to invent enemies for political ends?
They are rogue states, alright. Rogue states means you don’t follow orders. That is a rogue state. The most striking case in modern history is Cuba. Is Cuba a threat to the United States? Has it ever been a threat? The only time it became a threat to the United States is when the U.S. essentially manufactured the threat. Kennedy was carrying out a major terrorist war against Cuba, and Khrushchev put in missiles, partly in defense; it was a crazy, lunatic act that could have led to a global war, but it was basically defensive against a U.S. attack. Apart from that, Cuba has never been a threat and couldn’t possibly be a threat. How could it be? But for forty years now the United States has been trying to strangle and destroy Cuba, including major terrorist attacks back to the Kennedy administration, economic warfare and so on. In fact, the U.S. Treasury Department has an office that monitors suspicious international funding transfers. That’s a core part of the so-called war on terror. They recently reported to Congress that they have five times as many people monitoring attempts to evade the illegal U.S. embargo on Cuba, five times as many than they have monitoring the financing of al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein. That tells you what their priorities are. Is that because Cuba is a threat? We know what this is about. This is a very free country. We are unique in the world and have more access to internal government documents than any other country. We don’t have a hundred-year law like Britain does. We have documents from the early sixties, from the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and they explain it. What they say is the very existence of the Castro regime is successful defiance of U.S. policies that go back to the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. No Russians, no threat; they are just defying the master of the hemisphere. That can’t be tolerated. So they are a rogue state. They are not on the list of states sponsoring terrorism. Actually, only one state has been removed from that list, namely Iraq under Saddam Hussein. He was removed because the Reagan administration, basically the people who are now in office, wanted to supply him with arms and aid. So he was taken off the list of states responsible for terrorism, and Cuba was put in to fill the gap. Because they were sponsoring terrorism? No, they were the leading target of terrorism at that time. This is just propaganda. You are a rogue state if you don’t follow orders.


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