Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Iranian bloggers celebrate their fourth Birthday

I would like to share with you some important issues about our blogging history. Of course it is a personal way to look to Iranian blogistory:

1- Genesis: On 7 September 2001 Salman become first blogger in Farsi. A few days later Derakhshan wrote simple instructions on “How to make a blog in Persian” using Blogger.com’s free service. This instruction help many (thousands maybe) to start their weblogs in Iran. It is said that now more than 75000 blogs exist in Farsi!
2- Blogging & Prison: Many Iranian bloggers have gone beyond personal diaries. They inform and share with others political news and events. Several of these courageous bloggers faced prison such as Motalebi and Samininejad
3- Old Wine in new Bottle: Several writers journalists and politicians have become DIEHARD webloggers. Abtahi, former vice President, was first politician to publish his personal weblog: webnameh. Moin, reformist candidate in Presidential election, started a weblog to make contact with young people. Among writers and journalist we can name Maroufi from Germany and Behnoud from England.
4- A valuable information source: Sometimes bloggers provide photos and news before mainstream media. Recently Webnameh and Kosoof published photos of Ganji’s supporters in front of hospital and his house before any other news site or journal.
5- Hezbollah & blogging: Iranian Hezbollah bloggers are present too. In their blogs such as Mohamad Masih they do a lot of anti-Israel propaganda!


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