Saturday, August 13, 2005

Iranian Bloggers speaking out on jailed journalist and Kurdistan

Global Voices:1- Hundreds support Akbar Ganji, the jailed Iranian journalist now on 62nd day of hunger strike: A couple of days ago more than 150 people including former Parliament’s deputies, writers, student movement leaders wrote a letter and announced on Thursday at 14h they will go to hospital to meet Ganji who continues his hunger strike. Webnameh reported until 15h30 there were hundreds of students and young people but the number of personalities who signed the letter was less than ten!According to RadioFarda a delegation of protesters wanted to meet Ganji but they were prevented by security forces. Protesters read their requests: They urged that Ganji must have right to meet with his family, friends and lawyers. Now about 10 days that nobody has any news of this jailed journalist. They also asked that he be treated well in hospital without any pressure from Prosecutor’s agents. Protesters wanted also Ganji’s release from jail and asked him to break his hunger. They added people in power apparently enjoy creating crisis.

2-Iranian Bloggers speaking out on political prisoners and Kurdistan: several bloggers based in different countries such as Billy & me from Danemark, writer Abas Marofi from Germany, journalist FMSokhan from Iran signed a letter concerning Iran’s present situation. In two words it is a call that Iranian intellectuals including bloggers, journalists, writers, and political groups take responsibility to save country from current situation, political repression at home and nuclear crisis abroad. Writers consider that defensive actions such as writing petitions…lead us no where and we must find new ways. After criticizing Iranian regime including President and Leader they suggest hope must be created for Iranians. For writers cultural activity reporting news can bring light to the life. They concluded Iran needs to be saved and for that reason unity and new thoughts are needed. According to them supporting Kurdistan’s people and politcial prisoners are priorities now.


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