Saturday, August 06, 2005

Khatami's interview with AlHAYAT

Secular Canuck-Iranic: In response to the question: “Why have mediations for the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Iran and the US failed?

“If mediations are based on improving the relations, then they may be effective, however, from the beginning there have been two sides, both in Iran and in the US, that have been of the view that the relations would (I think a proper more non-literary translation can be "should" instead of "would") not improve. There are certain 'views' (I think he means there are certain factions with such views) in both Iran and the US whose politics is somehow a politics of destruction and are of the opinion that any rapprochement in the relations between the two countries is against the national interests, and this is because of the outcomes of the Americans [actions] and their wrong policies about Iran. In the US, of course, there are some who believe Iran is a revolutionary country that wants to establish an Islamic democracy, and if Iran can successfully implement this plan, the foreign [powers’ military] bases in the region will be destroyed. The same feeling exists in the Islamic countries, and so the basic policy of both sides is to avoid rapprochement. As long as such a strategic principle exists, mediation and conciliation has no meaning. Naturally, several good actions were taken under my administration and President Clinton’s administration.”


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