Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What iranian weblogs say about Nuclear CRISIS!

Mr.Behi:Do we really need the Nucs?
Everything is going on a badly irrational way. Iran has started the enrichment of Uranium and it is booming in the media and I am wondering why EU/US and Iran itself are acting so irrational on this. The new radical government behaves as if it does not care about all the pressures that it might bring to the people as a result of possible sanctions against Iran and it's people. Is this the way they claim in their campaign that they want to serve people economically? From the corner of which swamp they are bringing such rotten idea? If the intention is peaceful energy producing nuclear activity, why not using the options provided by Europe to both get nuclear technology and get ride of all this clashes that might get us into another period of sanctions? Iran is insisting that it want to be independent in the cycle but in what price? we are not independent in many aspects of technology why not going to for independence in enhancing oil recovery for not waisting so much precious oil in our reserves? I guess Iran is behaving that way because it hopes that in the security council China and Russia would vote against sanctions. This high price of oil can be another reason.

Europe/US are also irrational. I think they should first go for those nations who have not signed even the NPT. Pakistan regime came to power in a cope and has a nuclear weapon, it came under US sanctions but as soon as it became a must to shoot cruise missile from it's sky to Afghanistan, it became a good friend and the fact that it has a nuclear bomb is becoming accepted to everyone! That is a shame that US as the only country that actually used a nuclear bomb and has many already, talkes about a Nuc free world! When they accept India as a nuclear power after many years of demand for NPT endorsement and it refuses, what sign they think its is sending to Iranian government?

I do not want a nuclear electricity. Not in my name! (who cares?)


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