Monday, August 15, 2005

What Webloggers say about new CABINET:President Ahmadinejad’s cabinet looks more like a pizza cabinet

S'Can-Iranic:President Ahmadinejad’s cabinet looks more like a pizza cabinet

The first group are the gate-keepers. They are hardliners with reputable intelligence credentials. Mohseni-Ejehyi (the Clerical and Revolutionary Court brutal Judge who persecuted enlightened clergies like Eshkevari and Kadiver, and was Intelligence Ministry's Public Prosecutor), Pourmohadmmadi (a high-ranking and ruthless intelligence/security official), Karimi-rad (Judiciary’s Spokesperson and a former revolutionary/common-courts public prosecutor), with Safar Harandi (the Kayhan Press Institute’s Director; the flagship of hardliner press media with provocative reports against freedom of speech for secular intellectuals and Khatami-type reformists), and Motaki (parliament’s national security and foreign affairs committee chair) will form the Cabinet’s core.

The gate-keepers will ensure that the Cabinet poses as a cohesive group of servants with an unwavering focus on implementing Supreme Leader’s vision of regimes’ general policies, the nominations are self-explanatory: Mohseni Ejehyi (Intelligence), Pourmohammadi (Interior).


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