Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fred Halliday: Iranian Leaders Have Always Miscalculated!

WashingtonPrism:Fred Halliday, Professor in London School of Economic, in an interview with Washinton prism said if we look at Iranian history we see Iranian leaders always miscalculated
when they faced important events. Reza Shah didn't consider Soviet's invasion,Mosadegh was overconfident in people's support,Mohamad Reza talked about "Great Civilisation",Second Japan without understanding social mutation in country, Ayatholah Khomeyni in 1982 thought he could conquer Iraq.He continued for
6 years more war.Finally RafighDost and others convinced him to accept peace.At these
days it seems Ahmadinejad follows same path.In year 2005 Iran can not impose its rules to the world.Iran has no friends in the world except Syria which is as isolated
as Iran.


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