Monday, September 19, 2005

History Repeats Itself and Iran Makes same Mistakes!

In 1982 Iran refused Arab countries peace proposal. Arab countries offered Iran Billions of Dollars as a damage for Iraq's invasion. Iran refused package and continued war in order to restore a Shi'ite State in Iraq. In other words export its revolution. War went on for 6 more years and finally Ayatholah Khomeyni accepted peace with its neighbour.Iranian nation paid the costs of war by their lifes (hundereds of thousands dead)and their collapsing economy.Of course Arab countries did not pay Iran even one cent!In recent years many Iranian leaders accepted Iran followed wrong path to continue the war and they wished that they had accepted petro dollars.There is no doubt that war helped Iranian State to rule with iron fist in country.
Now at 2005 Europe offered a very generous package to Iran to stop uranium enrichement. Iran has refused package and now is heading towards sanctions and worse.
I think history repeats itself and Iranian population will pay again for ignorance of its leaders.


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