Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ahmadinejad in 2005

When he became President of Iran in summer 2005, almost everybody got surprised.Ahmadinejad continued to surprise people by his behaviour and words.Syria complained because he did not respect diplomatic protocol when President Asad visited Iran, Saudi Arabia complained about same thing, but this time Ajhmadinejad was visitor. His words about Israel & Holocasut attracted new friends for Iran: European Neo Nazi!!!He failed 3 times to impose his Minister of Oil to Iranian deputies. Some people ,who supported him actively in his election as President, started to protest against his choices for key post: Just Family members!His second candidate to get Oil Minister post was a revloutionary guard with more than 20 million dollar fortune!!! But finally he made a point: Azad university fees were reduced and Rafsanjani family started to retreat in Iranian economy life.I think it is a positive point for Ahmadinejad's supporters and ordinary people who consider Rafsanjani a symbol of corruption.


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