Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ahmadinejad is ACTION MAN, Reformists Must Learn the Lesson!

Ahmadinejad forced Azad university to reduce its inscription fees. He attacked directly to Rafsanjani's family's interests. He send a clear message to Azad University's owners a few days ago: Either you do it or I will do at your place!
Azad is a real cash cow for 23 years! An non govermental university with expensive fees and not a good reputation for its quality. At head of university is Mr.Jasebi,Rafsanjani's brother in law. Rafsanjani & his family are a real symbol of corruption in Iranian eyes. Ahmadinejad likes challenges and has no fear to push things forward. Khatami with much more popular support than Ahmadinejad, was a fearful guy, running away challenges and hiding behind smile,tears or "beautiful" words. If reformists want to come to power again they must learn lessons from Ahmadinejad, Action Man.


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