Monday, December 19, 2005

Shirin Ebadi:"Nothing Can Keep Us from Our Work"

:The nuclear issue, the president's anti-Israeli tirades — what we have been hearing from Iran recently has been disturbing news. At the same time and almost without provoking attention, the lawyer Shirin Ebadi continues her work in the country. Kathrin Erdmann spoke to her:
Shirin Ebadi: "We have more political freedom now than we did under the Shah. On the other hand, under the Shah we had more individual and social freedom." | Two years ago you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What did that bring you personally?

Shirin Ebadi: It increased my self-confidence.

Does the political leadership here show more respect for you as a result?

Ebadi: No, their view of my work and their attitude have not changed. Since I won the Nobel Peace Prize I have been accused of offences and brought before the courts three times.

The last time you were called before the Revolutionary Court was after you had taken part in a press conference at which prisoners reported on their experiences in solitary confinement. There were plans to hold such press conferences once a month. What has happened to that idea?

Ebadi: There is a press conference once a month. The next one is in a few weeks time, and nothing can keep us from our work. Even if they imprison me or execute me, my friends will continue on this path.


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