Sunday, January 29, 2006

Blogs, Bus Drivers & Islamic Republic

According to news many bus drivers were arrested before starting strike. Some talk about 350 people even more. One thing is clear that almost all sydicate leaders are in jail.Bus sydicate ( or their supporters) has launched a blog to cover news about strike. It is a kind of one event blog which has become more & more popular.Several blogs have constantly informed people about strike and imprisonment of sydicate leaders.Penlog,associaton of Iranian bloggers, which regroup 200 bloggers announced
from Monday morning bloggers will call humanitarian organizations around the world to ask them to put pressure on Iranian government to liberate bus drivers.

One thing is very interesting: These bus drivers wanted to negotiate about their salary and work conditions. Nobody wants to talk about democracy or freedom.Islamic Republic shows it can not manage negotiation or dialogue.Islamic Republic's founder
,Khomeyni,golden promises for Mostazafin ( Oppresed,after 26 years of revolution,have stayed dead words.Ahmadinejad's social justice slogans are bitter jokes.In 2 weeks 27th anniversary of Islamic Revolution will be "celeberated" but Islamic Republic has lost more & more its Rasion d'Etre.


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