Sunday, January 29, 2006

DEMOLOGUE:Say Democracy in 4 Languages

More Democracy on the Web on DEMOLOGUE:Thanks to Mary Joyce,Domolgue talks about democracy around the world.I got opportunity to contribute to her fascinating blog and I invite you to do the same thing.We read on Deomlogue:

First, thanks to Farid Pouya, our first guest contributor, for this post on an interesting Iranian blog written in Persian. Blogger MohmadReza Vijeh criticises some Iranian religious thinkers, such as Abdolkarim Souroush. He says these people make a great mistake when they consider democracy to be equal to any law-based system. Vijeh says there have been dictatorships or feudal systems which apply (their) laws in countries and societies without being democratic!
The situation in Nepal becomes ever more dire. On Thursday, police in Pokhara fired into a crowd of protesters, injuring one man. For more on the Nepal situation read these articles and visit Democracy for Nepal, United We Blog! for a Democratic Nepal, Nepal News, and Blogdai.

Then, read these surprising Israeli reactions to the Palestinian elections : "I know what we want for the Palestinians – for them to have free and democratic elections, but only if they vote for who we want them to. What hypocrisy." says Not a Fish. "Prime Minister Abbas and his Fatah party are incredibly corrupt, it should come as no surprise that Hamas came out of the elections as the big winner." says something something.

Know anything about the state of Latvian democracy? I thought not. Take a look at this post from All About Latvia on how a conservative party is trying to keep democracy-supporter George Soros' NGO's out of the country.


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