Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Interview with Dr.Aarts

Washington Prism- Farid Pouya

Paul Aarts is a lecturer in International Relations at the Department of Political Science (University of Amsterdam). He is the co-editor of ZemZem, a journal on Islam, the Middle East and North Africa.
For educational purposes he cooperates with the School of International Relations in Tehran, Iran (an annual exchange programme). We interviewed him at the end of December, a few days after he and his Dutch students came back from Iran.

Washington Prism: In your opinion, what are the reasons for Mr.Ahmadinejad’s tough words on Israel? Has Iran entered into a new phase that we can term as anti-Semitic?

Paul Aarts: I think we cannot yet consider Ahmadinejad’s comments to be anti-Semitic, although it has come close to that. But the reason for his comments at this particular juncture is probably that the President has been under attack from both the reformists and, most importantly, from the conservative faction that we can call political or former political friends. One way to counter-attack is to throw in the Israel card. If, in Iran, you play that card, nobody can attack you on it. Ahmadinejad tries to attract support from the population at large and also from people in the establishment who have become his allies as a result of these remarks.
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Blogger Curt Hopkins said...

WTF? How are we going to take this guy seriously when he says Ahmadinejad is no anti-Semite? Had he been born 50 years previous he no doubt would have called alarmist those people who doubted Hitler's sincerity when he said he only wanted Czechoslovakia. If I'm reading his comments correctly, it's alright that Ahmadinejad is spewing filth because he has to due to the conservatives. This guy (Ahm.) hates Jews. Just because Sharon's a schnorrer doesn't make Ahmadinajad into MLK. Give me a f--king break.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Winston said...

is he a joke?

9:12 PM  
Blogger Shirin said...

I think what he says is very interesting and makes a lot of sense. I’m not in Iran at the moment but from what I’ve seen and heard on the news, for the first time since the revolution and war, people of Iran are getting excited about something. Sounds like a great political move. Hey whadoyouknow, maybe ‘Diplomacy for Dummies’ has been published after all ;-) Actually no, what am I saying, that’s not diplomacy at all! It’s more like Spinning for Dummies.

3:41 AM  
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