Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Revisionism Becoming a National Sport!!!

After Iranian President and many others including rightwing Keyhan's editor denied Holocaust, now it is turn to deny Iranian history!Ahmadnejad called Navab Safavi,a cleric,the master mind of Iranian Oil nationalization. Dr.Mossadegh's ( u just need turn any history books)who has become a national hero for this initiative,role was erased, at least in official discourse.Some religious organizations in their new agendas even omitted Oil Nationalization day!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Anti War Site

Iranian Protestants

The Others:Yesterday I was in a Christian Iranian meeting.I am writing an article for University about Iranian protestant churches/believers in Brussels.
Something came in my mind: Islamic State forced its religious minorities to leave country after centuries or thousands years living in Iran.But a new minority has come to existence in country:Moslem Background Protestants.
Home churches are growing fast in country and many other got converted outside in Iran.Of course price is not cheap.Several protestants leaders were killed and executed in 90's in Tehran & Mashad.

For Fanusian Blog

I learned Fanusian blog was filtered in Iran.Filtering in Iran is not a surprise but being filtered to publish an interview about NON Viloence is a sur realistic even for Iranians. We read in fanusian following sentences from Churchil about being filtered:
Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people's idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage."
-- Winston Churchill

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Good Site!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Condi Rice & 75 Million Dollars

It seems US wants to inject cash into democratization of Iran!How?They said developing TV Radio programs,helping students to visit US....History taught me that in these cases people who have good relationship or to know to call who, get the cash.The rest with best ideas probably get a letter to say their project does not meet criteria!If US can help Iranians,intellectuals,academics,Media people..., to develop real think tanks around the world to discuss about their problems and democracy, that can work out...If not Mr.John Smith in Washington DC can just waste US tax payers' money.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Cleric: $1 Million to Kill Cartoonist

One Arab World:PESHAWAR, Pakistan - A Pakistani cleric announced Friday a $1 million bounty for killing a cartoonist who drew Prophet Muhammad, as thousands joined street protests and Denmark temporarily closed its embassy and advised its citizens to leave the country.

Police confined the former leader of an Islamic militant group to his home to prevent him from addressing supporters over the cartoons, amid fears he could incite violence, after riots this week killed five people.”

Even in Pakistan that is illegal. That man should be arrested at once and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. His assets should be frozen immediately.

Nuclear Crisis a Tree which Hides Forest!

Nuclear crisis is what we are reading about in western Media because it is an interesting stroy for the western people and a nuclear Islamic State can be dangerous for US, Europe and others.Nuclear Crisis is a tree which hides forest.Which forest?

1-Bus drivers' syndicate has been under pressure and its leaders are still in jail and its members who participated in strike are out of work.These workers only asked better condition of life.

2-A journalist,Afroutan,who published by mistake an article from internet about "How Aids came to Iran?" is between death & life in hospital.She took an article from internet and thought it is a scientific article and she published that in science section of magazine.Bad luck! Article was talking how Khomeyni brought Aids to Iran from Paris...black humour...

3-Huge pressure on books: More & more lists come out to inform publishers the list of banned books: dance,music,romance,women,...are among top targets.

4-Knowledge under attack:More professors get fired from universitites and more clerics become presidents of universities.This thing even didn't happend during Khomeyni's era.

5-Religious Minorities are under huge pressure.Sufis were attacked in Qom with no reason.1200 got arrested their prayer place was destroyed and some are in hospital

6-More budget goes to Ahmadinejad's religious masters' institues and others get nothing.Even Parliament's deputies are protesting about it.

7-More sites get filtered and more words including lovers!

Interview with Dr.Gary Sick

Washington Prism-Farid Pouya
Dr.Gary Sick who is one the best knwon specialist on Iran and Persian Golf said thet US had no interest to move Shah and replace him by an Islamic State.He thinks this kind of attitude that US changed Iran's Shah,has its roots in conspiracy theory.He also believes Russia & China can lead a quiet democracy to solve Iran's nuclear crisis.

A new Journalist Jailed!

According to IranEmrooz,Afsahi who was writing about cinema was jailed yesterday.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

US Workers Back Iranian Bus Drivers!

Harry's Place: About a hundred union activists, Iranian exiles and others came together to protest in front of the Iranian Interest Section in Washington, DC. They were demanding justice for striking bus workers in Tehran and the release of imprisoned union leaders.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

German Muslim group invites Iran's president to Auschwitz

Harry'sPlace:A Muslim cultural institute in Germany has dared Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp, the European Jewish Press reports.

"In this place of horror he can again deny the Holocaust, if he has the courage," a spokesman for the Islam-Archiv-Deutschland Central Institute told the German Catholic press agency KNA.
The fact that the president of an Islamic state repeated Nazi anti-Semitism was harmful to the image of Islam and "a disgrace for all the world’s Muslims", he added.

(The same article incorrectly reports that Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig entered the Holocaust cartoon "contest" sponsored by Iran’s Hamshahri newspaper. He did, however, produce a disgusting cartoon comparing Israel to Nazi Germany a few years ago.)

Bloglogue:Second Issue is on the Road!

If u have a subjet/ topic to propose to Bloglogue to be discussed by bloggers,non bloggers,academics,journalists and citizen x, please send me before end of Feb.Second Issue or wave of Blogloue will be launched in March.Thanks for all contributions at first Bloglogue:Iran in Media. It was great and many people read it.
Subject can be anything.There is no limit( except Racism and illegal issues).

Blogloging u around

Why Religious Democracy is NOT SEXY

1-Look at the real name: Religious democracy is Islamist democracy which in Iran case we can call it Shi'ite democracy. Its "thinkers" prefer religious to shi'ite & islamist more often.

2-Have you ever read Soroush & Kadivar and ...talk about religious democracy?A real confusion.Their explanation has nothing to have with clear cut political scientists
explanation about concepts. Yes, because they are not a political researcher or scientist.They try to talk about concept as they explain Heaven Angels or Karbala!

3-Minimalist Islamist: Soroush says he wants just a MINIMALIST Islam in political society.First minimalism isa subjective view.Your minimalist can be my maximalist interpretation of Islam. 2- If we want a minimalist Islam, there is no need to have a religious/islamist state or constitution.Imagine former Communist countries said we would like to have a minimalist socilaism! Then nobody writes a constitution based on socilaist!

4-These Islamist "thinkers" pretend because majority of Iranian are moslems then a "minimalist" Islam is needed and requested.They don't want we have prostitues or alchool! 1- Islamic Republic exactly followed same politic.Outcome in practice is a huge alchool consumption and increasing number of prostitues.
2-If majority of Iranian are Moslems and they want this kind of "laws" to be applied in society, then they can send in a LIBERAL DEMOCRACY system their represenatives to Parlament and they will ban alchoo...then if majority of represenatives have other word to say in Four years, then we change the law.

5-Religious democracy is not monopoly of Soroush & Co:Islamic Republic considers itself a religious democracy because people vote and Moujahedin pretend to establish a Democratic Islamic republic.

NewStatesman's Cover

NewStatesman:Listen to Blair in the House of Commons: "It's important we send a signal of strength" against a regime that has "forsaken diplomacy" and is "exporting terrorism" and "flouting its international obligations". Coming from one who has exported terrorism to Iran's neighbour, scandalously reneged on Britain's most sacred international obligations and forsaken diplomacy for brute force, these are Alice-through-the-looking-glass words.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Spectator's Cover

Here is Spectator's cover:It talks Iran was real winner of Iraq's invasion which shows how much US-UK strategists were misinformed and followed their ILLUSIONS!
Spectator adds with nuclear power Iran will dominate whole region as a regional super power.Unfortunately article is not available online ( I mean it is not free) and you can buy it paper version.

Talking Hammer: Bus Drivers Again

For history about bus stirke please look at Global Voices, Harry's Place and ICFTU.

1-Except syndicate leaders,all other jailed drivers or workers have been released.

2-Osdanlo and other leaders plus ten to twenty other bus drivers/workers are still in prison.

3-Released members have not been able to go back to work.Officialy they are not fired but in practice they have not been accepted to their work place.

4)Mrs.Roya Tolooi, human rights activist and writer in Kurdistan asked kurdish women to back bus drivers and sydicate movement.Toloi who was forced to leave Iran said each time a movement such as student one acts isolated,it becomes fargile and government destroyed it.

5) Demonstartion to support bus drivers get multiplied around the world.ICFTU has organised international action on Wendesday 15 Feburary.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

BLOGLOGUE on Global Voices

Global Voices:Bloglogue:Iran in Media
Bloglogue project finally was launched on webgardian blog with the following questions:

Do you think the news that we get about Iran or sensitive issues are biased? Why? And how can bloggers or non bloggers as individuals communicate non biased news? Dream or reality?

Six contributors, four bloggers and two non bloggers, shared their ideas in Bloglogue.

For all contributors, news about Iran, Middle East and probably whole world can be biased. Monopoly of media companies and our stand point, glasses through which we look at the world, are two major elements which make news biased. Of course each person has its own reasoning and point of view on this subject even though there is a common ground for most of their arguments.

1-Monopolized Media & Biased News

Dr.Majid Tehranian, a non blogger who is a US based Professor of Communication with hundred articles in his name, says monopoly of news companies by 9 major Anglo Saxon corporations, make us to look at news through Anglo Saxon eyes. He says:

“That is the nature of human understanding. We all look at the world from a particular standpoint. But since most of our knowledge of the world today is through the media, media bias is a critical issue. Most of the media in the world today are owned by nine major transnational media corporations. Since most of these corporations are Anglo-American, medias bias also is Anglo-American”.

Christian Alexander a US based blogger shares more or less same idea with Dr.Tehranian. In blogger’s words:

However, the monopolization of media sources and the increasingly corporate nature of reporting have begun to hinder objectivity. Large media companies may not have an explicit ideological purpose, but the narrowing of diversity of competition coupled with the increasing need to make a profit off of a highly segmented market creates an environment where biased assessments are inevitable.

Blogs in his eyes can act as a positive counterpoint to mainstream news media, discussing, interpreting and redirecting their stories. Because they lack the structure of mainstream media.

Curt Hopkins, a US blogger and journalist, in the same direction writes:

“They are more concerned with maximizing profits through cutting expenses and achieving the greatest possible readership for their corporate owners than with promoting some politically expedient view of Iran as that place on the map that says here are monsters”.

For Curt, blogs and books are alternative important sources to get informed beyond traditional biased media.

Lars a blogger from Norway says:

“The perspective is mostly that of the West as an actor, rather than that of the actors in the Middle East. This does not by default lead to a bias, but it leads to a lack of serious information, as the different perspectives are often omitted.Blogging, and in general independent media, has been a valuable source for information”.

For this blogger who follows Middle East, you can not seriously cover Iran or Syria without checking Iranian or Syrian blogs.

2-Interpretation Matters

By reading Shahram Kholdi’s , a UK based blogger & academic in university of Manchester, piece, I can say, for this blogger, both media & blogs can be biased but you see what you want. According to him:

“Comparative perspectives can be even more useful in helping us to understand the position of one side, Iran, against the other side, the US. When the United States of America with all different mechanisms of Foreign Policy, from the Congress to the White House, remains elusive in terms of the predictability of its next move against Iran, it should come as no surprise that the poly-centric power apparatus of the Islamic Republic is far more difficult to predict under such circumstances. Often, one reads too much or too little in the public statements that come from Iran. I have so far observed similar approaches by both anti-war and pro-war bloggers and reporters“.

Dr. Djamshid Asadi, Paris based non blogger Economics Professor, writes:

“Because of a relatively free competition in the democratic countries,(news) cannot be exuberantly biased. Still, receivers of news do not understand necessarily the meaning of the reported events. They consume news, but they do not automatically comprehend. Bloggers can share interpretations and cross them with more people. Hence, they might integrate more sophisticated points of view“.

In conclusion, I should say that the contributors who think news senders ( monopolised media companies) create biased news, consider a vital role for blogs as an independent source(s) in the communication world. Contributors, who see problem depends on readers or news receivers, think about blogs a voice among other media voices. More voices will enlarge our view on world.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The media in Iran not only denies Holocaust but also uses offensive language against Jews.

thanks to Ahoo's comment I learned "The media in Iran not only denies Holocaust but also uses offensive language against Jews".

IranJewish Committee's Letter to Ahmadinejad

The Others:IranJewish committee wrote a letter to Ahmadinejad and explained holocaust
exsited and if we read Nazi's documents or Hitler's book, it will be clear that Nazi army wnated to "purify" Europe from jews.In letter we read that Iranian National TV and other media each day shows programs and publishes articles to deny holocaust.

Interview with Angelika Beer

WashingtonPrism (Persian)- Farid Pouya

Mrs.Beer is Green party deputy in European Parliament from Germany and she is also responsible of European delegation regarding Iranian affairs.She says Green party suggested Fifa to make Iran Football team banned from World Cup because Green does not want Iranian people get suffered by economic sanctions. She adds she got a lot of emails from Iranians who told her she is another Hitler. Some Iranian consider that we can discuss this subject.
Beer believes Iran needs security gurantees from US to stop its nuclear program.According to her Chirac's threat to attack a country with Atomic bombs,was stupid.She says Iran is a NPT member and in theroy if it got attacked by A bomb, US must attack France!!!In theory of course.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Iranian Blogs: Myth & Reality

Blogs for Iranian people is an important instrument to express its ideas and feelings. Iranian blog city or blogestan( as many Iranian call it)
is very diverse with thousands and thousands blogs. Many journalists through blogs share their writing with others. Some times news including photos appear first on blogs.

Myths: Myths about Iranian blogs are based on wishful thinking and false assumptions.
Do Iranian blogs represent Iranian population or is blog world is a good sample to let us to know what Iranian think or at least what the youth thinks? NOT AT ALL. There has been no serious study to give us insight about bloggers and blogging. We can not say who are these
60,000 bloggers. How many of them write about social issues or political cases? How many back democracy and how many back Islamic republic? Hezbollah blogs are very active and I already counted more than 150 of them. But usually we don't hear about them.
Another Myth about Blogs' influence in society: They don't have such an influence. As a journalist in Switzerland,Rashedan, said western journalists by reading iranian blogs try to guess presdential election..then they got surprised....You can count 2000 readers from Iran for the most popular of these blogs....Iranian population: 70millions.
Please don't misunderstand me blogging is very important instrument to spread democracy....but it plays a marginal role in Iranian society.

Why we Have Thousands of Blogs & Bloggers

Why thousands of Iranian became webloggers?

I ask myself this question " What happens that a product or service become a best seller"?

1- It (product or service) corresponds to a need(s) or a desire(s) of masses

2- Potentially people can use, buy or get it

3- Product/service is user friendly

4- There is a distribution channel to bring this user friendly product to people

Now our Blogistory

1- Repression in Iran , people's desire to express themselves (not only in politic terms but even in love letters or feeling...)...

2-About 80 percent of Iranian can read & write, more & more living in cities, internet was not targeted in early years by regime

3-Simple instruction to make a blog was very useful (Hoder) and it was free

4-The fourth reason has not been mentioned yet. Iranian sites such as GOOYA.com played great role by introducing weblog writing to their

visitors. Mouth to ear was not enough!

The Others: a New Minority in Iran

The Others is a weekly report which talks about religious minorities in Iran. Sources will be blogs,sites,books,magazines....
I will glad to share your stories in your name.
I want to talk this time about a new religous minority among Iranians inside & outside country: CONVERTED MOSLEMS IN CHRISTIANITY. New Christians.There are Iranian churches in many countries with dominating numbers of converted Moslems.In Iran there are thousands of these new christians or even second generation christian whose name give you, usually, no tip to find out about their christian beliefs.Some told me there are about 100 OOO of converted moslems in Iran.Honest with you I don't believe in these numbers.First there is no reliable statistics second many of them come and go. You can not really have an appropriate estimation.
But a few facts exist:Despite repression, persecution and execution, this minority is a growing religious one in country.Protestanism,specially Penticost movement,has streteched its roots in country. In 1990 Mr.Soudman,who was a pastor in Mashhad, was executed.Official reports pretends that he was MARXIST!!!Mid 1990's several other protestant pastors were kidnapped and murdered.There are many years that you don't have right to publish Bible in Farsi!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Slavery in Belgium!

It is title of a Standard( a leading Belgian journal)jouranlist's book.Book talks how
so called good families in Belgium have slaves in their homes and call them exotic ones.Most come from Africa and they are raped, beaten and.......I think it is time human rights activists start to look carefully what is going in Capital of Europe!
A European deputy, once told me for human rights questions, European Parliament has a 100 million euro budget and we don't know what to do with that! Now budget is around 120 million euro. Ithink if they move their fat asses from restaurants, bars and shopping, there are a lot to do even in Europe!!!!

Photo from Iranian Blogger:Teenage Prophet

This photo is found on hasanagha blog. Blogger took picture 3 years ago in his trip to Iran:

It is Not a Cartoon It is Iranian not Danish!

Wikipedia:I took this image of this 15th century manuscript by Nizami Ganjavi called "Khamseh". It is currently located in the British Museum collection in London. Refer to OR-6810. Interestingly, the manuscript contains autograph side-notes (not seen here) on Mughal emperors, like Shah Jahan and Jahangir. The poetic verses on the mauscript that you see are in Persian.

It is Not a Cartoon, It is Not Danish!

Below is a painting showing Muhammad's trip in which he is shown sinners suffering in hell. This level of hell shows people who had cheated orphans. Muhammad is guided by the Archangel Gabriel and rides on a deer-like creature with the head of a woman, named Buraq. Here one sees a rare painting in which Muhammad's face is not veiled.Islamic Art

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Iranian regime opponents need more support

Harry's Place:The more I think about it, the more I believe the most devastating possible blow to Islamic extremism worldwide would be the overthrow of ruling regime in Iran by the people of Iran.

Imagine the impact on radical Islamists if the Islamic Republic itself-- the source of so much aid and comfort to their movements-- were to topple at the hands of a people increasingly fed up with religious-based repression. Just as the creation of the Islamic Republic in 1978 encouraged the growth of Islamist movements internationally, the collapse of the regime would-- to a large degree-- take the heart and soul out of those movements.

How would Islamist leaders explain to their followers why people who had lived for decades under a system of Islamic law-- dictating that women must be concealed and homosexuals must be executed-- had taken to the streets in their hundreds of thousands to say "no more" and to demand a more democratic and secular Iran?

The discontent under the surface of society is obvious to anyone who reads blogs and other websites produced by Iranians at home and abroad. Sometimes that discontent boils to the surface, as with the strike by Tehran bus workers. Sometimes it's apparent from the size of the crowds the authorities are able to generate for their various "mass" demonstrations.

Surely it tells us something that, according to reports, only about 400 thugs turned out at the Danish embassy in Tehran to vent their "rage" at the now-famous cartoons of Mohammed.

According to the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran, members of the Bassij paramilitary comprised most of the crowd.

Contrast this with the hudreds of thousands who regularly turned out in Tehran in the months before the overthrow of the Shah and the years immediately after. How many times can you march through the streets shouting "Death to America," "Death to Israel," and pledging to die in defense of the mullahs before it becomes a meaningless, boring routine? Unless you have a personal stake in the regime's survival, that is.

In recent days, we at Harry's Place-- along with LabourStart and a few other pro-labor websites-- have been focusing attention on the strike by Tehran's bus workers, followed by the mass imprisonment of hundreds of strikers and their families. These posts are a start, but there's much more bloggers and others could be doing.

According to Reuters, some US neoconservatives are pushing for more American assistance to the democratic forces in Iraq.

The U.S. State Department has spent about $4 million (2 million pounds) in grants for Iran-oriented pro-democracy programs, including broadcasts and support for women's rights and press freedoms. Another $10 million is available.

A rather paltry amount, considering the enormous benefits of regime change in Iran-- not least for Iranians themselves.

Writing in the Washington Post, neocon Robert Kagan made the case for a greater effort at regime change:

We need to reorient our strategy. Our justifiable fixation on preventing Iran from getting the bomb has somehow kept us from pursuing a more fundamental and more essential goal: political change in Iran. We need to start supporting liberal and democratic change for an Iranian population that we know seeks both.
The Bush administration, despite its doctrine of democratization, has not yet tried to apply it in the one place where ideals and strategic interest most clearly intersect. It has done little to push for political change or to exploit the evident weaknesses in the mullahs' regime. The steps are obvious: Communicate directly to Iran's very westernized population, through radio, the Internet and other media; organize international support for unions and human rights and other civic groups, as well as religious groups that oppose the regime; provide covert support to those willing to use it; and impose sanctions, not so much to stop the nuclear program -- since they probably won't -- but to squeeze the business elite that supports the regime.

Let's not leave this effort to the neocons.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Stupidity without Borders:Iranian paper runs Holocaust contest

Jerusalme Post:Iran's biggest-selling newspaper has chosen to tackle the West's ideals of "freedom of expression" by launching a competition to find the 12 "best" cartoons about the Holocaust, the Associated French Press reported on Monday.

Farid Mortazavi, graphics editor for Tehran's Hamshahri newspaper, said that the deliberately inflammatory contest would test out how committed Europeans were to the concept freedom of expression.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Nuclear Question & Mossadegh

Ahmadinejad is saying Nuclear question is as same as oil nationalisation about 50 years ago by Dr.Mossadegh! Sorry Ahmadinejad doesn't consider Mossadegh, Prime Minister in 50's, was behind nationalisation but Navab Safavi,a young cleric.It seems
negationist has multiple dimensions in Iranian new government!Just rewrite history as u like and make others laugh...but who cares...as Saddam who never cared until found himself in a HOLE!

I would like to refer to Tellier,a French political scientist, who talks about these two issues nuclera & oil nationalisation by Mossadegh.

The IR(Islamic Republic) wants to show itself as a defender of Iranian independence to attract national support and gain the sympathy of non aligned countries. Therefore any action against the nuclear program would be interpreted as another 1953 coup against the Iranian sovereignty. This rhetoric is a pure strategy aiming at hiding the ideological goals the IR is following.
The rhetoric of the national independence, of the national grandeur is an alibi aiming at restoring a consensus within the population around the nuclear program. The Islamic state claims the legacy of the national and liberal movement. What a paradox! What a bold strategy! Against that abusive assimilation it must be recalled that Dr Mossadegh had in mind the achievement of democracy in Iran and the victory of liberal values. I am far from thinking that the achievement of Iran’s nuclear program will be a step in the direction of Iranian democracy. All those who claim Mossadegh and the Islamic Republic are sharing a common goal are rewriting history in favour of Tehran.Read More, For Persian Version Click here

Talking Hammer: Bus Drivers,Strike & Reactions

Talking Hammer: Finally, beyond Global Voices, another site/ blog get interested about Iranian workers and bus drivers: Harry's Place. I will write each week a report about Iranian workers on my blog.Sources will be reliable blogs, sites and magazines.
First Talking Hammer "issue": Bus Drivers, Strike and Reactions

For starting point please go to Global Voices and ICFTU.
1-Strong Movement:This independent Bus drivers syndicate movement is the most important in last 27 years(after Islamic Revolution).
2-0 News:About 1000 people got arretsed including women and kids.There is no news about syndicate leaders or people who have started hunger strike.Health conditions of syndicate leader Mr.Osdanlou is in critical situation according to his family.He is suffering eyes problem.But there is no news in Iran thanks to censorship and no news in Media in West ( Except Hravard Global Voices) thanks to nuclear crisis which is sexier case.
3-Repentance:According to news in Persian blogs and sites, drivers and workers who started strike will be fired!There are some student movements or groups in different cities who backed bus drivers.Families demonstrated several times in different places to ask for the liberation of workers.It seems they must write a letter of repentance to be able to find their freedom.
4-Promises:It seems accroding to RadioFarda(Persian)government has promised to liberate many of drivers.
5-Exile Voices: Iranian in Germany,Candan and some other European countries particpated in demonstration to support bus drivers.

Blogs with no Name!

According to a study conducted among 100 blogs, during summer & fall 2005, by Hamid ZiaiPour in Ministry of Islamic Guidance,most bloggers including pro Islamic state ones prefer not to use their real names on blogs!Only 29 percent use their real names.

According to this study more & more blogs write about socila-political issues rather than pure politics.

Of course this study is a governmental one and we should be careful about its analysis.

Socialist Party & Love

Yesterday I was in Belgian Socilaist Party's conference about Education, Culture and
so on. It was first time I was going to a meeting in PS headquarter. The first thing which attracted me was a big sign inside building: PS (Socilaist Party) & Love.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bus strike & Bloggers

Tommorow there will be a new bus strike in Tehran to ask for liberation of hundreds of their collegues.Otobos1,a blog which covers news about bus sydicate, asked for bloggers' help. About 60 blogs have already announced they would back strike and workers tommorow and they will put bus syndicte's logo on thier blogs.

Iranian bus syndicate movement is the most important workers' movement after revolution.Unfortunatel international media just focused on nuclear question and almost nobody covers news ( exception is Global Voices).

It is fascinating to see how much bloggers are involved with social movements in Iran.Blogs covered news about strike from begining.So afr so good!

Book:Iranian Jews in Israel

Silent boundaries: Cultural constraints on sickness and diagnosis of Iranians in Israel, Karen L Pliskin Yale University Press 1987

Book is fascinating reserach and study about Iranian jews who immigrated in Israel.
Some of them are suffering from a kind of DEPREESION AND DOCTORS CALL IT NARAHATI.Narahati means in Persian sorrow.Doctors named this "sickness" Narahati because only they observed that among Iranians.

Diplomacy For Dummies!

I just saw blogging for Dummies:There are currently nine million blogs, with 40,000 new ones created every day;25 percent of Internet users say they read blogs, and 9 percent say they've created one ...


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Fascinating Story: Ashik Garip

Xavier Luffin is lecturing Arabic language in University of Brussels and has a real passion for Easten culture (North Africa & Middle East). Recently he translated and published a tale: Ashik Garip ( Stranger Lover).Story takes you back to centuries ago when a poor young man in Tabriz ( Iran) fell in love with a rich girl in Tiflis(Georgia)by seeing her in his dream.Poor man, a poet,needs money to pay rich girl's father to be able to get his lover's hand....I think India can make a good movie of that.

Interesting thing is Luffin translated book from a special version which was written in 1914 in Ottoman Empire.This version is in Turkish language but written in Greek letters. In 1914, Turkey still used Arabic letters and Greek minorities or Armenians wrote Turkish language with their own letters!