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Book:Iranian Jews in Israel

Silent boundaries: Cultural constraints on sickness and diagnosis of Iranians in Israel, Karen L Pliskin Yale University Press 1987

Book is fascinating reserach and study about Iranian jews who immigrated in Israel.
Some of them are suffering from a kind of DEPREESION AND DOCTORS CALL IT NARAHATI.Narahati means in Persian sorrow.Doctors named this "sickness" Narahati because only they observed that among Iranians.


Blogger آهو said...

Dear Mr. Pouya ,
I did not know about the book but I have witnessed this “ narahati” among Persian Jews in Israel as well as America. During the past 27 years Persian Jewish community was moved from Iran to Israel, Los Angeles, and New York. Families are separated, there are cultural and financial problems, and Persian Jews have left a land in which they have lived 2700 years. Most of these Jews had to fled Iran through illegal borders since Islamic Republic would not issue them a passport. This is a fact. During the 80s Jews in Iran could not get a passport to travel out of Iran!( old and very sick people were an exception) Most of my family left Iran through Pakistan’s illegal borders. You can just imagine how dangerous it was. These were families with very young children. Many got raped, and killed. There were several American Jewish organizations that supported and helped Persian Jews immigrate to America. There are so much untold stories about Persian Jews. I think saddest of all is that in couple of years Iran will lose all of its Jewish population.

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Blogger Farid Pouya said...

Dear Ahoo,
I agree with u 100 percent. Iranian religious minorities were
persecuted by Islamic state.If u look at Old Testement you see how many times kings of Persia have been mentioned.It is great to know u.Faridpouya@gmail.com
I will be glad to exchange emails with u. best

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