Thursday, February 09, 2006

Iranian Blogs: Myth & Reality

Blogs for Iranian people is an important instrument to express its ideas and feelings. Iranian blog city or blogestan( as many Iranian call it)
is very diverse with thousands and thousands blogs. Many journalists through blogs share their writing with others. Some times news including photos appear first on blogs.

Myths: Myths about Iranian blogs are based on wishful thinking and false assumptions.
Do Iranian blogs represent Iranian population or is blog world is a good sample to let us to know what Iranian think or at least what the youth thinks? NOT AT ALL. There has been no serious study to give us insight about bloggers and blogging. We can not say who are these
60,000 bloggers. How many of them write about social issues or political cases? How many back democracy and how many back Islamic republic? Hezbollah blogs are very active and I already counted more than 150 of them. But usually we don't hear about them.
Another Myth about Blogs' influence in society: They don't have such an influence. As a journalist in Switzerland,Rashedan, said western journalists by reading iranian blogs try to guess presdential election..then they got surprised....You can count 2000 readers from Iran for the most popular of these blogs....Iranian population: 70millions.
Please don't misunderstand me blogging is very important instrument to spread democracy....but it plays a marginal role in Iranian society.


Blogger Sampsa said...

I've been reading Iranian blogs for quite some time and found them very informative. On another post of you that was featured on Global Voices you talked about bias in media concerning Iran. As I wrote in my post: http://sampsak.blogspot.com/2006/02/cartoon-demonstration-gone-wrong-for.html it's allways usefull to have several news sources to compare. Iranian blogs are one source. Unfortunately as I don't personally know anyone in Iran, it's difficult to judge which news is reliable and which is not.

Other post that I've written about Iranian blogs are: Human rights in Iran? http://sampsak.blogspot.com/2006/02/human-rights-in-iran.html
and My Favourite Iranian Blogs http://sampsak.blogspot.com/2006/02/my-favourite-iranian-blogs.html

Now I have to read some more of your nice posts.


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