Friday, February 17, 2006

Nuclear Crisis a Tree which Hides Forest!

Nuclear crisis is what we are reading about in western Media because it is an interesting stroy for the western people and a nuclear Islamic State can be dangerous for US, Europe and others.Nuclear Crisis is a tree which hides forest.Which forest?

1-Bus drivers' syndicate has been under pressure and its leaders are still in jail and its members who participated in strike are out of work.These workers only asked better condition of life.

2-A journalist,Afroutan,who published by mistake an article from internet about "How Aids came to Iran?" is between death & life in hospital.She took an article from internet and thought it is a scientific article and she published that in science section of magazine.Bad luck! Article was talking how Khomeyni brought Aids to Iran from Paris...black humour...

3-Huge pressure on books: More & more lists come out to inform publishers the list of banned books: dance,music,romance,women,...are among top targets.

4-Knowledge under attack:More professors get fired from universitites and more clerics become presidents of universities.This thing even didn't happend during Khomeyni's era.

5-Religious Minorities are under huge pressure.Sufis were attacked in Qom with no reason.1200 got arrested their prayer place was destroyed and some are in hospital

6-More budget goes to Ahmadinejad's religious masters' institues and others get nothing.Even Parliament's deputies are protesting about it.

7-More sites get filtered and more words including lovers!


Blogger arthemis said...

I fully agree and suggest that you check out Amnesty's new report on Iran:


In the opening paragraph its press release states: "The current standoff regarding the country's nuclear programme must not distract either the government or the international community from addressing the country's long-standing human rights problems."

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