Sunday, February 05, 2006

Nuclear Question & Mossadegh

Ahmadinejad is saying Nuclear question is as same as oil nationalisation about 50 years ago by Dr.Mossadegh! Sorry Ahmadinejad doesn't consider Mossadegh, Prime Minister in 50's, was behind nationalisation but Navab Safavi,a young cleric.It seems
negationist has multiple dimensions in Iranian new government!Just rewrite history as u like and make others laugh...but who cares...as Saddam who never cared until found himself in a HOLE!

I would like to refer to Tellier,a French political scientist, who talks about these two issues nuclera & oil nationalisation by Mossadegh.

The IR(Islamic Republic) wants to show itself as a defender of Iranian independence to attract national support and gain the sympathy of non aligned countries. Therefore any action against the nuclear program would be interpreted as another 1953 coup against the Iranian sovereignty. This rhetoric is a pure strategy aiming at hiding the ideological goals the IR is following.
The rhetoric of the national independence, of the national grandeur is an alibi aiming at restoring a consensus within the population around the nuclear program. The Islamic state claims the legacy of the national and liberal movement. What a paradox! What a bold strategy! Against that abusive assimilation it must be recalled that Dr Mossadegh had in mind the achievement of democracy in Iran and the victory of liberal values. I am far from thinking that the achievement of Iran’s nuclear program will be a step in the direction of Iranian democracy. All those who claim Mossadegh and the Islamic Republic are sharing a common goal are rewriting history in favour of Tehran.Read More, For Persian Version Click here


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