Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Others: a New Minority in Iran

The Others is a weekly report which talks about religious minorities in Iran. Sources will be blogs,sites,books,magazines....
I will glad to share your stories in your name.
I want to talk this time about a new religous minority among Iranians inside & outside country: CONVERTED MOSLEMS IN CHRISTIANITY. New Christians.There are Iranian churches in many countries with dominating numbers of converted Moslems.In Iran there are thousands of these new christians or even second generation christian whose name give you, usually, no tip to find out about their christian beliefs.Some told me there are about 100 OOO of converted moslems in Iran.Honest with you I don't believe in these numbers.First there is no reliable statistics second many of them come and go. You can not really have an appropriate estimation.
But a few facts exist:Despite repression, persecution and execution, this minority is a growing religious one in country.Protestanism,specially Penticost movement,has streteched its roots in country. In 1990 Mr.Soudman,who was a pastor in Mashhad, was executed.Official reports pretends that he was MARXIST!!!Mid 1990's several other protestant pastors were kidnapped and murdered.There are many years that you don't have right to publish Bible in Farsi!


Blogger [Under Construction] said...

Terrible reaction from the regime but expected because of their extremely voracious appetite for xenophobia and the cultivation of the 'I' vs 'you' attitude.

They wanted to repress and frighten any groups or individuals that show an advanced case of 'individualism'.


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