Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Slavery in Belgium!

It is title of a Standard( a leading Belgian journal)jouranlist's book.Book talks how
so called good families in Belgium have slaves in their homes and call them exotic ones.Most come from Africa and they are raped, beaten and.......I think it is time human rights activists start to look carefully what is going in Capital of Europe!
A European deputy, once told me for human rights questions, European Parliament has a 100 million euro budget and we don't know what to do with that! Now budget is around 120 million euro. Ithink if they move their fat asses from restaurants, bars and shopping, there are a lot to do even in Europe!!!!


Blogger Lord Kavi said...

Hello Dear Friend:
Thanks for your preaching Iranian problems on net. Your blog is great, so I’ve become one of your readers. We should try to broadcast your viewpoints in Internet for whole the world to hear our needs, who we are and what we want.
Unfortunately my english is not so good, so I try mine in persish.
I’ll add your link as soon as possible.
Thank you, Lord Kavi

2:51 AM  
Blogger Lord Kavi said...

but its not my address. here is my real address:

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