Monday, February 13, 2006

Talking Hammer: Bus Drivers Again

For history about bus stirke please look at Global Voices, Harry's Place and ICFTU.

1-Except syndicate leaders,all other jailed drivers or workers have been released.

2-Osdanlo and other leaders plus ten to twenty other bus drivers/workers are still in prison.

3-Released members have not been able to go back to work.Officialy they are not fired but in practice they have not been accepted to their work place.

4)Mrs.Roya Tolooi, human rights activist and writer in Kurdistan asked kurdish women to back bus drivers and sydicate movement.Toloi who was forced to leave Iran said each time a movement such as student one acts isolated,it becomes fargile and government destroyed it.

5) Demonstartion to support bus drivers get multiplied around the world.ICFTU has organised international action on Wendesday 15 Feburary.


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