Sunday, February 05, 2006

Talking Hammer: Bus Drivers,Strike & Reactions

Talking Hammer: Finally, beyond Global Voices, another site/ blog get interested about Iranian workers and bus drivers: Harry's Place. I will write each week a report about Iranian workers on my blog.Sources will be reliable blogs, sites and magazines.
First Talking Hammer "issue": Bus Drivers, Strike and Reactions

For starting point please go to Global Voices and ICFTU.
1-Strong Movement:This independent Bus drivers syndicate movement is the most important in last 27 years(after Islamic Revolution).
2-0 News:About 1000 people got arretsed including women and kids.There is no news about syndicate leaders or people who have started hunger strike.Health conditions of syndicate leader Mr.Osdanlou is in critical situation according to his family.He is suffering eyes problem.But there is no news in Iran thanks to censorship and no news in Media in West ( Except Hravard Global Voices) thanks to nuclear crisis which is sexier case.
3-Repentance:According to news in Persian blogs and sites, drivers and workers who started strike will be fired!There are some student movements or groups in different cities who backed bus drivers.Families demonstrated several times in different places to ask for the liberation of workers.It seems they must write a letter of repentance to be able to find their freedom.
4-Promises:It seems accroding to RadioFarda(Persian)government has promised to liberate many of drivers.
5-Exile Voices: Iranian in Germany,Candan and some other European countries particpated in demonstration to support bus drivers.


Blogger sergei said...

I'm an italian journalist and I'm writing an article about bus strike in Tehran. I'd like to know if you have some update about the arrested people and if you know if there is some planned action. Thank you very much

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