Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why Religious Democracy is NOT SEXY

1-Look at the real name: Religious democracy is Islamist democracy which in Iran case we can call it Shi'ite democracy. Its "thinkers" prefer religious to shi'ite & islamist more often.

2-Have you ever read Soroush & Kadivar and ...talk about religious democracy?A real confusion.Their explanation has nothing to have with clear cut political scientists
explanation about concepts. Yes, because they are not a political researcher or scientist.They try to talk about concept as they explain Heaven Angels or Karbala!

3-Minimalist Islamist: Soroush says he wants just a MINIMALIST Islam in political society.First minimalism isa subjective view.Your minimalist can be my maximalist interpretation of Islam. 2- If we want a minimalist Islam, there is no need to have a religious/islamist state or constitution.Imagine former Communist countries said we would like to have a minimalist socilaism! Then nobody writes a constitution based on socilaist!

4-These Islamist "thinkers" pretend because majority of Iranian are moslems then a "minimalist" Islam is needed and requested.They don't want we have prostitues or alchool! 1- Islamic Republic exactly followed same politic.Outcome in practice is a huge alchool consumption and increasing number of prostitues.
2-If majority of Iranian are Moslems and they want this kind of "laws" to be applied in society, then they can send in a LIBERAL DEMOCRACY system their represenatives to Parlament and they will ban alchoo...then if majority of represenatives have other word to say in Four years, then we change the law.

5-Religious democracy is not monopoly of Soroush & Co:Islamic Republic considers itself a religious democracy because people vote and Moujahedin pretend to establish a Democratic Islamic republic.


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