Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why we Have Thousands of Blogs & Bloggers

Why thousands of Iranian became webloggers?

I ask myself this question " What happens that a product or service become a best seller"?

1- It (product or service) corresponds to a need(s) or a desire(s) of masses

2- Potentially people can use, buy or get it

3- Product/service is user friendly

4- There is a distribution channel to bring this user friendly product to people

Now our Blogistory

1- Repression in Iran , people's desire to express themselves (not only in politic terms but even in love letters or feeling...)...

2-About 80 percent of Iranian can read & write, more & more living in cities, internet was not targeted in early years by regime

3-Simple instruction to make a blog was very useful (Hoder) and it was free

4-The fourth reason has not been mentioned yet. Iranian sites such as GOOYA.com played great role by introducing weblog writing to their

visitors. Mouth to ear was not enough!


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