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Article:Regime Change or Regime Reform

Nuke Iran T Shirt!!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Chinese Filmmaker & Blogger in Jail!

Hao Wu (Chinese name: 吴皓), a Chinese documentary filmmaker who lived in the U.S. between 1992 and 2004, was detained by the Beijing division of China’s State Security Bureau on the afternoon of Wednesday, Febuary 22, 2006. On that afternoon, Hao had met in Beijing with a congregation of a Christian church not recognized by the Chinese government, as part of the filming of his next documentary.

Hao had also been in phone contact with Gao Zhisheng, a lawyer specializing in human rights cases. Gao confirmed to one of Hao’s friends that the two had been in phone contact and planned to meet on Feb. 22, but that their meeting never took place after Gao advised against it. On Friday, Feb. 24, Hao’s editing equipment and several videotapes were removed from the apartment where he had been staying. Hao has been in touch his family since Feb. 22, but judging from the tone of the conversations, he wasn’t able to speak freely. One of Hao’s friends has been interrogated twice since his detention. Beijing’s Public Security Bureau (the police) has confirmed that Hao has been detained, but have declined to specify the charges against him.

The reason for Hao’s detention is unknown. One of the possibilities is that the authorities who detained Hao want to use him and his video footage to prosecute members of China’s underground Churches. Hao is an extremely principled individual, who his friends and family believe will resist such a plan. Therefore, we are very concerned about his mental and physical well-being.Read More

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Iran:UnNecessary Crisis!

Former U.S. Intelligence officer Dr. David MacMichael has written an excellent article about Iran "Crisis". He states that U.S. representation of Iran as a reckless and dangerous nation has no basis.Read More

Flexing Muscles:How the Iranian-American community is navigating the American political system

Washington Prism:For the past few years, Trita Parsi has increasingly become one of the more intelligent and informative voices in the analysis of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy. Later this year, he will be publishing a book on the power politics and the dynamics of the Iranian-Israeli relations, for which he had the rare opportunity to talk with a number of officials in both countries.

More importantly, Trita has been an advocate of Iranian-American community’s participation in the American political system, and through diligence and reason has managed the unique feat of slowly unifying a coveted community which is infamous for its lack of unity.Read Interview

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Conference: Islam in Europe


29 & 30 March in Brussels:
The project 'Islam in Europe' is an initiative of GroenLinks in the European Parliament. With this project GroenLinks wants to give a new impulse to the discussion about 'multiculturalism'. Islam and Muslims seem to be subject of a heated de debate all across Europe. Often in a negative and blunt way.

Tariq Ramedan is coming....

Fukuyama is Back!

The End of History writer is back with "America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy".

Norouz in a Blog ...from China

The table of the seven Ss

Each spring I wish my Iranian friends Norouz mubarak, happy new year, the country's most important festival. They travel considerable distances to be with family and friends for the celebrations.

I knew that the festival is celebrated across all religions in the country, and is probably based on an ancient spring fertility ritual which was incorporated into the Zoroastrian faith and survived the introduction of Islam.

The festival is celebrated beyond the borders of present day Iran - blogger Raheel Lakhani of Lingo of my inner voice is in Karachi, Pakistan, and has a great post about the celebration:

Every house in Iran has a table which is decorated with seven things symbolizing different concepts regarding to the spring and New Year. All these things start with letter S, ‘Seen’ in the Persian language so this table is called ‘Haft-e-Seen’ (Seven S). When relatives and friends visit each other houses carrying gifts, they make sure that the see and enjoy the beauty of Haft-e-Seen in every house. The things may include the following as there is no consensus between which seven:
sabzeh - wheat, barley or lentil sprouts growing in a dish (symbolizing rebirth)?At the end of the celebrations after twelve days representing twelve zodiac signs, on the thirteen day, the sabzeh grown for the Haft Seen (which has symbolically collected all the sickness and bad luck) is thrown into running water to exorcise the demons from the household. It is also customary for young single women to tie the leaves of the Sabzeh before discarding it, so expressing a wish to be married before the next year's Seezdah Bedar (the thirteen day of Navroz)
samanu - a sweet pudding made from wheat germ (symbolizing affluence)
senjed - the dried fruit of the jujube tree (love)
seer - garlic (medicine)
seeb - apples, (beauty and health)
somaq - sumac berries (the color of the sunrise)
serkeh - vinegar (age and patience)
sonbol - the fragrant hyacinth flower (the coming of spring)
sekkeh - coins (prosperity and wealth)

Other items on the table may include:
lit candles (enlightenment and happiness)
painted eggs, perhaps one for each member of the family (fertility)
a bowl with two goldfish (life, and the sign of Pisces which the sun is leaving)
a bowl of water with an orange in it (the earth floating in space)
rose water for its magical cleansing powers
the national colors, for a patriotic touch
a holy book (e.g., the Qur'an, Kitáb-i-Aqdas, Bible, Torah or the Avesta) or a poetry book (almost always either the Shahnama or of Hafez)

Raheel then goes on to examine the importance of Navroz in his own religion, Islam. Finally he gives us a poem by the poet Nasir Khusraw - here's its conclusion:

As long as the clouds
of Navroz wash all quarters
of the garden with
showers of lustrous pearls;
and the nightingale laments
the rose at the break of dawn,
like a grieving soul
separated from its lover:
may the authority of
the sovereign of time
prevail over space and time

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Thanks to Kossof we have top photos :

Two Good News

Ganji is Free!
Yaghobian is Free!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Censorship of research in the USA: Iranians not allowed to publish papers

Recently, two articles by teams from the University of Bergen were accepted by prominent US journals and then turned down because, the publishers said, "we cannot publish your paper because the United States government restricts publishers from publishing papers that have an affiliation with the government of Iran." Some of the authors were Iranian citizens.Read More

Iranian Journalist Became Hostage

Alfred Yaghobian became armed Palestinians' hostage. There are three other ones with him.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Walking on the MINE Policy

I think Mr.Ahmadinejad's policy is the same that revloutionary & Basij leaders had during war: Walking on the mine policy.I remember I met two guys who had become refugees in Iraq and then Red Cross send them to Brussels. Both had become crazy. I learned that both of them were send to Gordane Shahadat " Marty group" which was supposed to be killed by walking on the mine ( mine field).They were not volunteer, they were private soldiers.....Then they decided to flee to Iraq!!!!

I think Atomic issue is a Cat walking for Iranian leaders and a mass mine walking for
our population.A real disaster! Cult of Martyers has been used in a very strange way: They are buring Martyrs in universities!!!

Iran has become a lost highway, a surrealist Kafakaien story...

The only hope maybe emerge from Rafsanjani and some Ayatholahs to stop this MADNESS!
It seems Khatami as usual does not take any responsiblity and took stupid trips to promote dialogue between civilisation.Who Talks?

Two Moving Points in Islamic Republic

First Iranian leaders such as Ayatholah Khomeini believed Islamic State is the most important thing to preserve.Now Iranian president and co has replaced this central point (Islamic State) by Hidden Imam's return. I think even existence of Iranian State is not first thing to do but bringing back Hidden Imam. According to belief of some (Ayatholah Khomeini was against that) world must be full of crime & chaos must rule over earth to accelarate Hidden Imam's return.

Second point is that power is shifting from clergy-clergy to clergy-revolutionary guards. This latter has got more & more finacial and military importance.

Then we have a shifting point in ideology and a shifting point in power structure. Both goes in military & fundementalism direction.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Blogs from Iraq

Thanks to Global Voices:Mohammed of Iraq The Model reports on how the Ashura festival passed in Baghdad: “For many Iraqis, the wheel of time had stopped 14 centuries ago and it seems that it is the past not the present that is more influential in the lives and mentality of many Iraqis.” and talks about the latest political news: “The good news … was that women have secured their constitutional right in the parliament by getting even one seat more than the originally desired“.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Women were attacked

Women came together in peace in Tehran (Daneshjoo Park). Slogans were about jobs humna rights and so on. It was repressed by securtiy forces.Famous Iranian poet Simin Behbahani was wounded too. She is 78 years old!!!FOR MORE PICTURES CLICK ON KOSOOF

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Don't Block the Blog in Pakistan

Back Don't Block the Blog: "Over the past few days, The Freedom of Expression of Pakistani Bloggers has been under attack by some, if not all, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who has chosen to block all blogs hosted on the blogspot.com domain. Political pressure groups have protested to the government to block those web sites displaying the controversial cartoon images of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) that were hosted on the net. But instead of blocking specific sites, ISPs have simply blacklisted the entire domain, causing thousands of blogs to be inaccessible for viewing or authoring in Pakistan."

Censorship has been globalised, then fighting it back must become globalised too.

Just a Cartoon from Steve Sack Star Tribune

Netizen a French Magazine about BLOGS

Click here Netizen the BLOG

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Iranian-Western ThinkTanks can Move Things

Iranian political groups or parties have been a real failure in these years.They failed to make a bridge between themselves and Iranian academics,businessmen and so on. They failed to create a common democratic front which can be functional.The best example of failure is Republicans who have become a real joke.They don't choose a speaker because they think the guy is going to become too powerful.Just look at their presence in real political life in last 2 3 years....
Have you ever seen Iranian political groups publish intelligent reports or books after being in the West for more than two decades.Just look at their sites...a recycling already existing news and articles...

I think we can create thintanks in different countries to simply discuss Iranian issues, beyond any political colour just in the name of national interest.These thinktanks can include university professors journalists business men...My wild guess is these thinktanks which are flexiable groups can give birth to lobbying groups in internationa organizations.

Norman Catherine:Great Artist from South Africa

For OFFICIAL SITE Click Here:Norman Catherine

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