Saturday, March 04, 2006

Iranian-Western ThinkTanks can Move Things

Iranian political groups or parties have been a real failure in these years.They failed to make a bridge between themselves and Iranian academics,businessmen and so on. They failed to create a common democratic front which can be functional.The best example of failure is Republicans who have become a real joke.They don't choose a speaker because they think the guy is going to become too powerful.Just look at their presence in real political life in last 2 3 years....
Have you ever seen Iranian political groups publish intelligent reports or books after being in the West for more than two decades.Just look at their sites...a recycling already existing news and articles...

I think we can create thintanks in different countries to simply discuss Iranian issues, beyond any political colour just in the name of national interest.These thinktanks can include university professors journalists business men...My wild guess is these thinktanks which are flexiable groups can give birth to lobbying groups in internationa organizations.


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