Monday, March 13, 2006

Walking on the MINE Policy

I think Mr.Ahmadinejad's policy is the same that revloutionary & Basij leaders had during war: Walking on the mine policy.I remember I met two guys who had become refugees in Iraq and then Red Cross send them to Brussels. Both had become crazy. I learned that both of them were send to Gordane Shahadat " Marty group" which was supposed to be killed by walking on the mine ( mine field).They were not volunteer, they were private soldiers.....Then they decided to flee to Iraq!!!!

I think Atomic issue is a Cat walking for Iranian leaders and a mass mine walking for
our population.A real disaster! Cult of Martyers has been used in a very strange way: They are buring Martyrs in universities!!!

Iran has become a lost highway, a surrealist Kafakaien story...

The only hope maybe emerge from Rafsanjani and some Ayatholahs to stop this MADNESS!
It seems Khatami as usual does not take any responsiblity and took stupid trips to promote dialogue between civilisation.Who Talks?


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