Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ahmadinejad's FootBomb!

I think Ahmadinejad has lost a lot of credibility on women's football issue...Ahmadinejad and co used to say "We are Moslems and our religious leaders said no atomic bomb( fatwa)and we obey".
Now four or five of the most importan Grand Ayatholas say women has no right to watch men playing football in stadiums.Ahmadinejad's adviser comment " They are not specialists..or their followers can avoid staduims."...

Do u want trust them for A bomb now!!!Ayatholas are not specialist on women's football
, are they specialist on nuclear bomb??

Aarsh in jail!

According to ILNA (Iran Labour National Agency) Arash Sigarchi’s, jailed blogger & journalist, appeal was rejected by Supreme Court. He must stay in jail for three years.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is Ahmadinejad an Islamic Spartacus?

About eight months ago I interviewed Dr. Majid Tehranian, a leading communication academic & writer of 10 book,for WashingtonPrism.Final question was about Iranian election and Ahmadinejad's future impact on Iranian politics.He reminded me something very interesting.Tehranian said During Abbaside period, there were many turkish background slave soldiers who were serving Califs.Little by little these slave soldiers took control of Empire.Tehranian added revolutionnary guards are like these soldiers and Ayatholas are Califs.

Is Ahamdinejad this slave/revolutionary guard who revoltes against masters/Ayatholahs? An islamic Spartacus? Maybe. He is now opposing, for the first time, Grand Ayatholas regarding women's presence in staduims to watch football.It is more intereting if we see among these Grand Ayatholas we can find Mesbah who has been considered Ahmadinejad's master mind.

Revolutionary guards with strong military presence and economic interests in their hands want to rule over country.We must take in consideration that revolutionary guards is not a unifrom party or organization either.

Ahmadinejad promised bread and butter to people and won election.He failed to fullfill his promises.In middle of nuclear crisis and Council of Expendiency's election, he has put women's football on spot light. Did he miscalculate Ayathola's reactions? I think he did but he & co do not want to retreat.

Just for people who has not watched Kubric's master piece Spartacus or did not read about him: HE AFTER A FEW YEARS OF FIGHTING WAS CRUCIFIED!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Football:Iran -Germany

Iranian Costa Gavras

Reza Allamezadeh movie director, writer & blogger.His last play was about Dr.Mossadeg's final days!

Ahmadinejad: Iran Can Become a Super Power Soon

IRNA:He told this yesterday in one of his trips to Zanjan.He adds we msut believe in ourselves then things will move with light speed!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Women, Ahmadinejad & Ayatholas: Who is in OffSide!

Ahmadinejad was crticized by many Grand Ayatholas for his decsion to let women go watching matches in stadiums.let's look at a little bit in details:
1-History: Women since 1979, Islamic Revolution, have no right to watch footballs in stadiums.By the way to be honest, even before revolution the number of women used to go to stadiums very not that many...women can not wtach wrestling either...but they can watch basketball games...maybe there is not a great number of spectators who go to match...

2-Ahmadinejad, Why Now:He asked sport authorities to build a place in stadiums for women.but why now?
2a:Some argue that women demonstarted several times in front of stadiums and under pressure government finally gave up. This argument is not very convincing one.First the number of women who demonstrated was not that huge and Second there was no real pressure on government:no strike...
2b:Some argue that Ahmadinejad is a populist.He attracted people by promising economic benefits but he has failed so far.Now he wanted to attract women's support by allowing them go watching football.
3-Ayatholahs:Many top clerics condemned Ahmadinajad's decision and are waiting an answer from him.A conservative President is loosing his supporters without gaining new ones!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Democracy Net Work

Great Ayatholas against Ahmadinejad

Two Great Ayatholahs and many clerics demonstarted against Ahmadinejad's permission to let women go watching football in stadiums.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fukuyama & Determinism

For Fukuyama everybody desires fruits of modernity such as healthcare , comfort...and little by little, after several ups & downs, society will move towards
liberal democracy.

I think this kind of determinism is like communism which considers the end of human society is a utopian communist society.The End! We saw what happended to this idea!
Any kind of determinism in politics can really misguide or even make us lazy!The end will come and it will be liberal democracy..then why to sacrifice now!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006


Sex & City

This Cake was distributed in university in Tehran (AmirKabir) to celebrate Iranian nuclear enrichment.I think BAKER IS A FREUD FOLLOWER or A SEX & CITY fan!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Stupid Dutch Think Tank!I want to Vomit!!

A ThinkTank advises Dutch Government love Sharia:

According to a weblog:

Schoonenboom advises “an adventurous foreign policy” for the Dutch government. “We must support the moderate Islamic powers much more, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Hezbollah in Lebanon, instead of secular movements without prospects in Muslim countries. We must talk to the Palestinian regime of Hamas. They are democratically elected. It is a terrorist movement, but so was Arafat’s PLO. And the IRA in Ireland.”

“On the other hand, we must be much more critical regarding our friendly countries. We must address Russia more forcefully on human rights violations in Chechnya, Israel for its decades of ignoring UN resolutions and the US regarding Guantanamo Bay.”

Friday, April 21, 2006

Imagery of Arak's Heavy Water's Reactor Activities

Time for Direct Negotiation?

QantaraThere's not much time left to try to force concessions from Tehran that it is not prepared to make. Iran has been commanded to suspend its uranium enrichment program by April 28 at the latest … or else what?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Thoughts on Iran

Steven Clemons in Washington Note

Iranian Student Movement & US Dollars

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nuke Iran or Not Nuke Iran: Bush Decides

Bloglogue:75 Million Dollars For Democracy!

JOIN DIALOGUE SEND EMAIL: faridpouyaAtgmail.com

Question: What do you think about US project to invest 75 million dollars to promote democracy in Iran? Will it be productive or not?

Bloglogue wants to create a digital bridge between bloggers & non bloggers to discuss about different subjects.We expect more than simple comments.Email:Faridpouya@gmail.Com

Dr.Huchang Nahavandi,Former Minister of Shah and a prize winner intellectual from French Academy, says US knows many thing about Iran but they don't have much knowledge about Iranian society.Launching a few new "made in USA" radios, or searching for new Ahmad Chalibis, won't work out with Iranian people and it is only going to fortify Islamic State.

Ahoo, US based Iranian blogger says

For the past 27 years Iranians have been bombarded by Islamic Republic’s propaganda against America. As someone who has finished all her elementary and part of her secondary schooling in Iran I witnessed many flag burning ceremonies! On countless occasions flags of America and Israel were burnt in my school. When we gathered for morning assembly school officials mandated students to repeat these slogans such as “Down with America” or “ Down with Israel” several times before we were dismissed to go to class. At that time Iran was in war with Iraq I wonder why we never said “ Down with Iraq”!! I just want to enlighten the extent of anti U.S propaganda in Iran. All these did not affect me. I love America and I love Israel. But do I represent the majority of Iranian youth? definitely not. I have lived in America for the past 12 years and I have visited Israel many times. A lot of people in Iran wrongly hold U.S responsible for the revolution. In general a lot of Iranians hold America responsible for what ever goes wrong in Iran! America should spend this money on propaganda. And it better be a strong propaganda. It takes a lot of work to neutralize what Tehran’s regime has done in the past 27 year.

Christian Alexander,an American blogger shares his idea and agrees with Mary joyce who
posted previously her thought:

Good question!

For the most part I would have to agree with many of Mary Joyce’s criticisms. I think that while this tactic is preferable to military intervention and regime overthrow, past experiences with U.S. political aid projects and Iranian conceptions of Western interference makes the task a highly difficult one. I personally think that much of this money could be spent better elsewhere, and indeed that much of this money could potentially harm the democratization process in Iran. However, I am optimistic that aid could be used in a positive manner.

Joyce has already mentioned U.S. government aid projects such as Millennium Challenge Account. I agree that the bureaucracy and politics of determining who gets the money presents itself as a appreciable problem (I would question Bush’s requisites for “secularism” however). I would also add that government organizations such as USAID have had problems in the past in determining what NGOs are even legitimate. In places such as Georgia and Lebanon (I’m sure many more places, but I know of specific instances in these two countries) many pseudo NGOs have been set up with the specific intent of defrauding foreign aid organizations. In Georgia, U.S. aid has in some cases sabotaged organic NGO organizations by creating a dependence on foreign money. The lack of access to domestic civil society would magnify these problems in the case of Iran. I am not saying that aid is a bad idea, but simply reiterating the issues that need to be thought through.

I think that what is especially important in the case of Iran is the historical role the U.S. has played and how its interactions with the Iranian political system has been used by successive generations of policy makers. For the last several decades the common political war-cry has been one of staunch opposition to imperialism and foreign dominance. Increasingly, it seems that the Islamic regime’s use of this tactic as a justification for oppression has become worn out. However, misappropriated aid could re-legitimate this accusation and re-invigorate an anti-American form of nationalist sentiment in the population.

On a positive note, I think that one can certainly look towards the increase in access to media sources as having a positive effect on the political situation in Iran. Scholars have already noted the liberalizing influence satellite television and Internet access has had, despite attempts by the government to ban or censor both. It seems that the development of media access therefore would be a good use of money. However, it is important to note how this media has impacted the Iranian population. Polemics espoused from L.A. based monarchist satellite T.V. channels are at best laughed at and at worst used as a justification for the ban of satellite antennas. Political messages have not been effective. Rather, it has been the debates that have arisen due to the increased access to information, entertainment and alternative perspectives that have had the most important effect on political developments in Iran.

In general, there are a few effective uses of aid money. Financing increasing access to independent media is probably a good idea. Increasing dialogue is also a good idea (With this in mind I think Rice’s proposal to bring more Iranians over might be a good idea. What do other people think of this?). I think however that the U.S. government should be very cautious in spending its money to no or bad effect.

Respectfully, I'd disagree with Ahoo's analysis. While I agree that the Iranian population has been continually fed a healthy dose of anti-American propaganda, from what I've read and have been told, a majority of the population doesn’t hate America (in fact, I’ve heard the opposite). I might agree that they misunderstand US society and culture, but it seems that they see anything that opposes the regime as positive. That’s just the overwhelming sense ’ve gotten. Perhaps my perception is skewed because I know very little Persian, and because I have much more contact with the online Iranian community.

I’m not sure how much biased propaganda would actually help. I do think more independent sources of information would help, however.

Mary Joyce,Blogger & Editor of Demologue.com,writes Who Will Receive America's Democracy Dollars?

Although I do not believe that the $75 million requested by Secretary Rice to support Iranian dissidents will be effective in speeding the arrival of liberal democracy in Iran, I do agree with the principle behind the funding. Currently, America spreads democracy (or tries to, at least), but giving contracts to American organizations that go into a country and carry out support programs aimed at key institutions in the target country (ie, parliament, civil society, the judicial system). In this scenario, most of American funding goes not to the citizens of the target country, but to the American companies (contractors) working there.

It is my opinion that this method of spreading demoracy is ineffective. I cannot think of an instance where American support clearly led to the democratization of a country. In the cases of Russia (which is slipping back into authoritarianism) and Ukraine, American support was only effective because there was a strong native structure pushing for democracy. Thus, I support the idea of giving money directly to credible local activist groups, because I believe that local activists, rather than foreign NGO's, are the most effective force for democracy in any given country.

This being said, I doubt that the $75 million (if Secretary Rice indeed receives it) will be used effectively. Instead of choosing the most effective pro-democracy organizations with the broadest support, the State Department will probably set up a series of organizational and ideological criteria which only a small number NGO's (non-governmental organizations) will be able to meet.

First, it is likely that these criteria will exclude the best grassroots organizations in favor of organizations with a familiar organizational culture. What I mean by this is that America likes to fund organizations that have American structures (annual reports, a clear chain of command, a clear mission statement, etc,) The problem is that in many countries, even effective NGO's are not so formally organized and thus will lose out on America's largesse. In addition, the State Department is likely to set up ideological hurdles, such as support for the Bush administration and complete secularism, which are unlikey to be met by the best grassroots organizations in Iran.

I believe that, if this plan goes through, it will be similar to America's Millennium Challenge Account, a development fund with so many conditions for aid recipients to meet that so far only eight countries have benefitted from the program. The Iran aid program is likely to be similar, with the best grassroots programs refused funding because of technicalities while ineffective but officially-sanctioned programs benefit. Because the best Iranian democrats will not be supported, Iranian democracy too will remain a distant dream.

Sampsa,a blogger from Finland,shares his opinion with us:In the past, US has had little success in propaganda war. As I posted yeaterday, people in Afganistan and Iraq feel that their intelligence is being insulted with news they know is not correct.

Like mentioned in the Washington Post article,
US should fund already existing Persian media, who know the target audience, the country and the day to day life. US should also remember that "winning hearts with minds" is a slow process. It hasn't been mentioned what is the timeline to use this 75M.

Let's hope that Bush regime is serious with this propaganda tactic and does not use it just to be able to say "nothing else worked, we had to bomb".

The Spirit of Man,a Canada based Iranian blogger,writes An article appeared on The Washington Post web site regarding the possible US aid to the democratic movement in Iran and it reminded me of the discussions I have had with number of leftist Iranians living in exile telling me that this sort of aid will only alienate the democratic forces inside of Iran and will let the mullahs accuse them of having ties with the Great Satan.

I totally disagree with this defeatist mindset as I do believe that freedom has its own price and if we want it, then we have to pay the price for it as much as possible.Please Read More in The Spirit of Man

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Group of Iranian Students Ask Government to Suspend Enrichment

Tahkim Vahdat in a letter asked Iranian government to suspend enrichment.Letter was very critical against Iranian government's policy which was considered conflict oriented one.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Nuclear Crisis:Iranian Reformists Talk!Listen to It!

Abthai,former Vice President, says In addition, the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is beneficial to the extent that it empowers Iran to use the energy best but if for any reason, be it the arrogant nature of the world; the insistence on having this energy with the expense of jeopardizing all the bases of the country is not wise. Definitely these words will be accused of fear and giving in but accepting these blames and charges are sweeter than indifference towards the destiny of the country .

Tajzade (Persian), reformist politician & blogger, talks about nuclear crisis and its outcome. He says what Iranian youth needs is peace social & cultural development. Our nation needs to be respected. Of course respecting is a mutual act and without respecting others u are not going to be respected. Blogger writes:
"Absolutists (he means present government) before coming to power promised to make Iran an Islamic Japan…but by following their politics Iran won't become even an Islamic North Korea but an Islamic Vietnam! Imagining US attacked us and we won the war at the end. What will be price for Iran? What will be happened to 30 years of Islamic Republic achievements?"read Global Voices

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Iran flirts with confrontation

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nuclear Story & Iranian People

Iranian investors are leaving Tehran's stock market in recent months and reformist politicans such as Abtahi, former Vice President, and Tajzadeh, another reformist politician, are against Iranian government's policy.

Iranian bloggers based in Iran , as many as I read except Hezbollah ones, consider nuclear technology important but also thinks Iranian government goes a wrong way.

For many Iran-Iraq war is a very bad memory and they knew what happened in Iraq.They feel they, Iranian, are trapped by Iranian government & Amercian administration.

Is Iran next? The calculus of military strike.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

50 New Magazines Get Permission to Be Published

One is weekly and others monthly,...Moin, former reformist candidate for Presidency, will get his magazine.None of them talks about politics or social issues, at least on their title.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Fukuyama's Magazine: American Interest

Ahmadinejad: I have Good News about Nuclear Technology

Everybody is waiting for Presiden's good news about nuclear crisis. Some believe he will declare that uranium enrichement already happened and Iran is mastering nulcear
fuel circle.

Some believe after this declaration Iran can say she got what she wants...and now she can stop enrichement program and escape sanctions!

Judas a Hero?

Christianity Today Blog Replies to recent news & reports about Judas & Christ miracles. It is good to listen to both sides of story.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

An Indian Point of View on Iran & War

The Hindu, Siddharth Varadarajan

The game plan on Iran is becoming clearer

THIS WEEK, the fog of Anglo-American diplomacy on the Iranian nuclear question parted momentarily to give the world a rare glimpse of the drive to war that lies behind. On Wednesday, The Times of London reproduced a letter written by John Sawers, the British Foreign Office pointman on Iran, to his counterparts in the United States, France, and Germany outlining the line of action the four allies should follow in the United Nations Security Council. Stripped of the verbiage and the too-clever strategising on how to choreograph Russian and Chinese consent for sanctions and war, the main point in Mr. Sawers' letter is that the Iranians need to know that "more serious measures" are likely from the Security Council than just a Presidential Statement.Read More

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Emergence of NeoNazi Blogs in Persian!

Thanks to Ahoo's ( a great US based blogger) email, I discovered NeoNazi blogs in Persian. In reality, as far as, I know after World War II Nazism or Fascism did not find any voice in Iran. Even after Revolution when many political groups emerged ( for one year...)fascist movements were absent.When I say fascist,I mean people who make clear reference to Hitler or Mussolini or talk about racisim.

Now we have Persian blogs written by NeoNazis! We should not exagerate the importance of them because a few blogs are really nothing in 70000 blog ocean!!

First look at NeoNazi blogs in Persian:
1- They (most of them) talk about Hitler or Fascism in general and some translate Nazi or Fascist leaders.Some are simply call themselves Nazi or Nazi soldier without going deep into "Hitlerism" but they just talk about racism.

2-Some are anti Islam and some are Moslems.Even religious element is well present among anti Islamist & anti islam bloggers: Calling Hitler Holy Hitler and talking about dreams....
3-Arabs,Jews,Armenians ....are the targets
4-They talk about pure race Iran!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Blog Crack Down

Ayatholah Khamenie in Opposition?

Radical right journals "Islamic Republic" & "Keyhan" condemned any Iran-US dialogue about Iraq.Iranian leader, Ayatholah Khamenei, had already given his blessing for a limited dialogue about Iraq. It is the first time that journals openely opposed to Leader.A power struggle is going on...between Leader & Radicals!