Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Emergence of NeoNazi Blogs in Persian!

Thanks to Ahoo's ( a great US based blogger) email, I discovered NeoNazi blogs in Persian. In reality, as far as, I know after World War II Nazism or Fascism did not find any voice in Iran. Even after Revolution when many political groups emerged ( for one year...)fascist movements were absent.When I say fascist,I mean people who make clear reference to Hitler or Mussolini or talk about racisim.

Now we have Persian blogs written by NeoNazis! We should not exagerate the importance of them because a few blogs are really nothing in 70000 blog ocean!!

First look at NeoNazi blogs in Persian:
1- They (most of them) talk about Hitler or Fascism in general and some translate Nazi or Fascist leaders.Some are simply call themselves Nazi or Nazi soldier without going deep into "Hitlerism" but they just talk about racism.

2-Some are anti Islam and some are Moslems.Even religious element is well present among anti Islamist & anti islam bloggers: Calling Hitler Holy Hitler and talking about dreams....
3-Arabs,Jews,Armenians ....are the targets
4-They talk about pure race Iran!


Blogger آهو said...

Dear Mr. Pouya,
Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. We should not give them a free market. I have talked to some of these so-called Iranian Nazis (in their comment sections). You would be surprised by their lack of knowledge and stupidity! The very sad thing is to see Iranian youth in their 20s having no knowledge about world history! They are not acquainted with the world history at all! To them Hitler is a great man, Holocaust is a myth, because of Hitler Germany has become a powerful country (makes you think they have not heard of t the Berlin Wall!!!!!), and funniest of all they think today’s Germany has a Nazi regime!!!! As you can see there is no limit to stupidity!! I am very, very sorry about the e-mails. Here is the new address:

3:29 PM  
Blogger Winston said...

And this is damned shameful and showing us a deep paradox among youths in Iran. Also it points us to the lack of political/historical knowledge among iranians.

It is shameful though!

10:54 PM  

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