Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is Ahmadinejad an Islamic Spartacus?

About eight months ago I interviewed Dr. Majid Tehranian, a leading communication academic & writer of 10 book,for WashingtonPrism.Final question was about Iranian election and Ahmadinejad's future impact on Iranian politics.He reminded me something very interesting.Tehranian said During Abbaside period, there were many turkish background slave soldiers who were serving Califs.Little by little these slave soldiers took control of Empire.Tehranian added revolutionnary guards are like these soldiers and Ayatholas are Califs.

Is Ahamdinejad this slave/revolutionary guard who revoltes against masters/Ayatholahs? An islamic Spartacus? Maybe. He is now opposing, for the first time, Grand Ayatholas regarding women's presence in staduims to watch football.It is more intereting if we see among these Grand Ayatholas we can find Mesbah who has been considered Ahmadinejad's master mind.

Revolutionary guards with strong military presence and economic interests in their hands want to rule over country.We must take in consideration that revolutionary guards is not a unifrom party or organization either.

Ahmadinejad promised bread and butter to people and won election.He failed to fullfill his promises.In middle of nuclear crisis and Council of Expendiency's election, he has put women's football on spot light. Did he miscalculate Ayathola's reactions? I think he did but he & co do not want to retreat.

Just for people who has not watched Kubric's master piece Spartacus or did not read about him: HE AFTER A FEW YEARS OF FIGHTING WAS CRUCIFIED!!!


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