Friday, April 14, 2006

Nuclear Crisis:Iranian Reformists Talk!Listen to It!

Abthai,former Vice President, says In addition, the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is beneficial to the extent that it empowers Iran to use the energy best but if for any reason, be it the arrogant nature of the world; the insistence on having this energy with the expense of jeopardizing all the bases of the country is not wise. Definitely these words will be accused of fear and giving in but accepting these blames and charges are sweeter than indifference towards the destiny of the country .

Tajzade (Persian), reformist politician & blogger, talks about nuclear crisis and its outcome. He says what Iranian youth needs is peace social & cultural development. Our nation needs to be respected. Of course respecting is a mutual act and without respecting others u are not going to be respected. Blogger writes:
"Absolutists (he means present government) before coming to power promised to make Iran an Islamic Japan…but by following their politics Iran won't become even an Islamic North Korea but an Islamic Vietnam! Imagining US attacked us and we won the war at the end. What will be price for Iran? What will be happened to 30 years of Islamic Republic achievements?"read Global Voices


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