Thursday, April 27, 2006

Women, Ahmadinejad & Ayatholas: Who is in OffSide!

Ahmadinejad was crticized by many Grand Ayatholas for his decsion to let women go watching matches in stadiums.let's look at a little bit in details:
1-History: Women since 1979, Islamic Revolution, have no right to watch footballs in stadiums.By the way to be honest, even before revolution the number of women used to go to stadiums very not that many...women can not wtach wrestling either...but they can watch basketball games...maybe there is not a great number of spectators who go to match...

2-Ahmadinejad, Why Now:He asked sport authorities to build a place in stadiums for women.but why now?
2a:Some argue that women demonstarted several times in front of stadiums and under pressure government finally gave up. This argument is not very convincing one.First the number of women who demonstrated was not that huge and Second there was no real pressure on government:no strike...
2b:Some argue that Ahmadinejad is a populist.He attracted people by promising economic benefits but he has failed so far.Now he wanted to attract women's support by allowing them go watching football.
3-Ayatholahs:Many top clerics condemned Ahmadinajad's decision and are waiting an answer from him.A conservative President is loosing his supporters without gaining new ones!


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