Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ahmadinejad's Interview with a German Magazine

Monday, May 29, 2006

Interview with Elmar Brok, WashingtonPrism

Interview:Elmar Brok, a member of Germany’s Christian Democrat Party, is the Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs at the European Parliament.Do you think spending $85 million to promote democracy is productive or counter productive for Iran-West relations?
Democracy and human rights are universal issues. Promotion of democracy can not be counter productive to any relationship............

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jailed Blogger back Home for 10 Days

Mojtaba Saminejad was sent home for 10 days:For Photo Click Here

Why Referendum Proposition did not attract People?

Mr.Mohsen Sazgara's referendum proposition (Iranian people get chance to say they want Islamic Republic or not) did not attract Iranians and it can be considered a forgotten proposition. But why?

1-Never be Happened: Many believe Islamic Republic will never accept this because it means the end of regime.Then it is useless to sign petition....

2-A Bad Experience: After Revolution, a referandum was organized by Islamic leaders:
"Islamic Republic: Yes or Not".Yes won.Many now say they were not offered many options and they feel to be trapped.Outcome of referandum was Islamic Republic and the rest is history.People fear to repeat bad experience again.

3-Referandum ok, then What: Some say imagine people say no to a referandum to Islamic
Republic...then what? Will it be another one: Monarch:Yes or Not? Republic:Yes or Not?....Many believe royalists will win. First they have money to advertise Second many think a back to Shah regime can bring pre revolution prosperity

Friday, May 26, 2006

Cartoonist Affair: UnBearable Stupidity of Iranian Political Parties

Several political parties or groups...better I say clubs condemned cartoonist and insult to Azeri population. Nobody explains what is the insult and why they call it insult!!!They accused Mr.Ahmadinejad of populism...they are not better.
At present many in Iran sign petition to hang cartoonist...more that 150 writes journalists supported poor guy!

Free Mana blog

Here is a blog to back Mana Neyestani, jailed cartoonist. He was arrested after his cartoon in Iran newspaper provoked riots in Turkish speaking cities.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fighting in Universities!

There has been fighting between students & security forces in University of Tehran & University of Amir Kabir (Tehran) for two days.Main reason is that several professors in university of Tehran were fired without reason by government.Supporting Azeri community in cartoon affair is another reason.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

When Cockroach Told Namana!

In Iran newspaper, a cocroach,in a cartoon,said Namana (means What in Turkish language). Look at results: Riots in several big cities in Turkish speaking region such as Tabriz where banks were burned.Azeri students protested in Tehran.NewsPaper editor and cartoonist were arrested.Newspaper was suspended.Demonstartions go on.
Newspaper offices were burned in several Azeri cities.Reason is Azeri people say Persian speaking ones insulted them and compared them to cocroaches!!!Cartoonist is an Azeri & Turkish speaking.

Look at the cartoon which shakes country!Read More on Global Voices

Monday, May 22, 2006

Bus Syndicate Letter to International Transport Federation

You can Read Letter in English Here, Thanks to our Iran based blogger.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Who Wrote Ahmadinejad's Letter?

According to conservative Farda News, Mr.Djalili, deputy Foreign Minister for European & American affairs, wrote the letter without informing Motaki, Foreign affairs Minister, or Larijani,National security's speaker.

Ahmadinejad's Angels!!!

ISNA ( Islamic Students News Agency)published this photo with this sentence: President's meeting with clerics in Indonesia!!!

A Few Facts About Religious Minorities

Jewish, Armenian & Asyrian communities have lost more than fifty percent of their members after 1979 revolution. Most of these people left Iran because of discrimination.I remember in 1990's food stores run by religious minorities had to put a paper on their door:This store is run by a religious minority....why is that? Because for many Islamists religious minorities are "Najes" or dirty!!!Christians & Jews lost their own private schools and Islamic government controls all.To get a job first thing is to believe in Islam & Theocracy( Velayate faghi). if you are a Moslem and you are not a believer you can pretend to be a good Moslem but for somebody who belongs to other religion...game is over...or better I say game never starts.Other minorities such as Bahais or Sunnites or Evangelical Protestants or Sufists...get persecuted too.

A New Book: Ahmadinejad, Miracle of Third Millennium

A new book has been written by Elham's,government's speaker,wife:Ahmadinejad miracle of third Millennium.Book is waiting for Ministry of Culture's approval to hit bookstores.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fashion Show in Tehran

American Iranian, Nina Ghafar, has presented her models to public & to journals in Tehran.Thanks to Baztab Site I got this news & photos.

Badges for Jews & Christians: Fake Story

It seems again western media was manipulated by Iranian " so called" journalists who have a hidden agenda. Canada based National Post after publishing an article written by an Iranian "journalist" was forced to deny that in same journal.It is not first time that such stupid articles find their ways to journals.Some times they try to give a positive image to Republic Islamic sometimes a negative one.


Friday, May 19, 2006

Ethnic Unrest in Zanjan University

According to Gooy.com, students in university of Zanjan protested against Iran newspaper article which made fun of turkish speaking people.Most people living in Zanjan are turkish speaking and come from Azeri background.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rock Music in Iran

TehranAvenue:About a year ago an album started circulating from hand to hand in Tehran by a band named KIOSK, which, at the first glance, because of its eerie resemblance to the music of DIRE STRAITS, sounded ridiculous. However, if you listened to it more carefully, you realized that it was actually an interesting effort, a little like an “idiot-savant”. What’s, I think, admirable in Kiosk is how uniquely down-to-earth and accessible its lyrics are. Again, as far as I know, we don’t have very many works that attempt to do this except for the album Eskenas, by {Shahkar Binesh-pazhuh}. For example, in "Ordinary Man," which is also the album’s namesake, we hear:

I haven’t seen that movie / No, I haven’t read that poem
I’ve never met that guy / And I’ve never been abroad
I know exactly who I am / I’m just an ordinary man

Ahmadinejad, Pat Robertson & Apocalypse

I have read some American academics say what is wrong with Ahmadinejad's apocalyptic vision, Pat Robertson, Republican evangelist, has same attitude!
WRONG: first in US, Pat Robertson has not become President and second even if he becomes President, there are other forces to check & balance him. In Iran, we do not know who is who and who does what! During reformist Khatami's period, there were paralleled Ministry of intelligence which put people in prison for months. It was/ is just tip of iceberg.

Another point is Robertson “end of the world” vision is different from Ahmadinajad's one. Iranian President and his advisers believe, world must enter in a very chaotic situation to prepare Hidden Imam's return. Somebody said nuclear bomb!!!

Ahmadinejad is a Real Preacher: A Moslem Pentecostalist ?

According to IRNA, Iranian President invited people to come back to God and take the right path. Ahmadinejad Iranian Preacher-President, as a die hard Preacher, is going to provinces and preach to people. Look at his words, nothing is really new...
He asks people to come back to God as he asked President Bush. Time to time, he shares his supernatural experiences and talks about the return of Hidden Imam ( Apocalypse). His words & actions remind me some Pentecostalist preachers...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ahmadineja'ds Second Letter! Da Vinci Code?

It is said ( I read in a couple of blogs) that Ahmadinejad's second letter is for POPE!Maybe he wants to talk about Da Vinci Code!

Iranian Public Opinion & Nuclear Stand Off

Ahmadinejad Wants to be Present EveryWhere!

I think it is attitude of Ahmadinejad to be present everywhere: in media & in Iran's cities. He does a lot of trips to provinces and say nothing interesting or do anything meaningful. But he is present...he moves from one point to another one...According to news several of his body guards resigned because they found life too difficult to support with Ahmadinejad. George u are not only one! Minister of Interiour crticised these trips.He said ministers do not find time to do their jobs.

Another trick of Ahmadinejad is to be present on newspaper.Each time he says something or write a letter or...to remind people that he is there.

In two words his policy including trips & letter to Bush, is too much noise for NOTHING!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tell Me Why

Farhad Khosrokhavar's,Paris based Iranian scholar, book about Al Qaida got no permission to be present in Tehran Book Fair.Writer did a great job to interview jailed radical islamists and he explained different categories of radical islamists in Europe.Book is in French.

Book Review: Iran Today, Dilip Hiro

Ashraq Alawsat: Amir Taheri writes :Had Hiro used his reporting energies more often and talked to more people he would have heard about Mahmoud Ahamadinezhad, the radical who became President of the Islamic Republic last June. But Ahmadinezhad , never mentioned in the body of the book, makes a cameo appearance only in the epilogue. The main body of the book ends with the prediction that Hassan Rouhani, a junior mullah and businessman, would be Iran’s next president. ( One wonders why that paragraph was not taken out.)

Needless to say Hiro appears to have never heard of such powerful, though semi-clandestine, organisations as the Hojatieh, the Fedayeen Islam, the Itharis , and the Islamic Coalition that have been swept into power in Tehran with Ahmadinezhad as their front-man.

Hiro’s discussion of the nuclear issue is also weak.

He accepts the official Tehran explanation that the Islamic Republic is not after nuclear weapons. But can anyone be that sure?

Another surprise is that Hiro appears not to have heard of any of the leading dissidents- people like Akbar Ganji and Hashem Aghjari, who are household names in Iran and well known in international media and human rights circles.

Some News about Jahanbegloo

More than 130 Iranain academics & political personalities in a letter backed Ramin Jahanbegloo,jailed philosopher & journalist.They said according to Iranian Constitution, he has right to have a lawyer. Among signatures we can see Abtahi, former Vice President,Aghajari, reformist academic and Ebrahim Yazdi, a leading personality in liberal-islamic circle.

Another news is that Jahanbegloo's mother is in hospital and family is under huge pressure by security agents.I got this info from Shahram Kholdi's blog.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blind Violence or Planned one!

Newt Gingrich: Ahmadinejad's Intentions are very Clear!!

The former speaker of the house and possible presidential contender Newt Gingrich in CNBC talked about Ahmadinehad as fanatic religious and the only obstacle to regime change is a psychological one.He added if Iran gets bomb NewYork & Israel will be hit. He said Ahmadinejad was very clear about his intentions.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

NewYork Sun: Iran Declares War

Free Alaa!

Russia Sends an Iranian Woman to Space

READ MORE:She Paid Millions for That!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Second Letter to USA?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ahmadinejad's Letter to George Bush

LE MONDE in English.

Thanks to Shahram Kholdi,Uk based blogger, I got it.

Monday, May 08, 2006


From next week I will present a weekly report on US blogs in PERSIAN!
If u know US blogs which are written by Americans and talks about culture & politics, please let me know.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jahanbegloo's Case: A Piece of NewsPaper from Iran

Iran News:
We Read:Writer Arrested on charges of espionage!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Jahanbegloo: A Letter Sent to European Deputies

Several European Parliament's deputies, including Former Danish Prime Minister, have been informed about Jahanbegloo.A link to Kholdi's CBC news was added to letter.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jahanbegloo in Hospital


Ganji received Golden Pen in Tehran

Ganji was honoured by Association of Journalists in Tehran and received Golden Pen of Freedom of Speech.He says "in a country where civil society has no meaning, everything becomes a political issue!He added government has put nuclear energy on journalists agenda." Still Brave!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Iran & China Not in Top Ten of Censored Countries

Iran Dilemma!

A Fascinating blog from Jamaica

thanks to Global Voices I discovered GOD BLESS the WHITES

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

BBC's Great Blog:World Have Your Say

Free Jahanbegloo

Iranian intellectual and scholar, Ramin Jahanbegloo, is under arrest in Tehran.A group of Tehrna University students have launched a blog for his freedom (Persian).Shahram Kholdi, a UK based blogger, has talked in details about him.

Monday, May 01, 2006

BBC Persian Knows What is Good for Us!

A couple of months ago BBC Persian published a news coming from a British BBC journalist in Iran: Without any study she declares most of Iranian people support Islamic Regime's nuclear policy.As far as I know many people, including bloggers, protested regarding this news which had been published without any proof or statistics.

Now I see that THERE IS NO NEWS ABOUT WORKERS' PROTEST MOVEMENT IN TEHRAN.Several were arrested and their slogans such as Forget Palestine think about us, Nuclear energy is not our absolute solution...On first page on BBC Persian we see news about SouthAmerica or Spanish workers in US...What about the most important workers movement in years....

1 May in Tehran: Sevral Workers & Syndicate members arrested

According to Gooya & Advar news,several students,syndicate leaders and workers have been arrested after a dmonstartion turned into violence.Workers chanted such slogans such as Nuclear energy is not our abslout solution,Forget Palestine think about...

Bloglogue: US Dollars & Democracy in Iran!

Global Voices Five bloggers(two Americans,two iranians and a Finnish) & a non blogger (Former Minister) discuss US 75 million budget to promote democracy in Iran.