Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Book Review: Iran Today, Dilip Hiro

Ashraq Alawsat: Amir Taheri writes :Had Hiro used his reporting energies more often and talked to more people he would have heard about Mahmoud Ahamadinezhad, the radical who became President of the Islamic Republic last June. But Ahmadinezhad , never mentioned in the body of the book, makes a cameo appearance only in the epilogue. The main body of the book ends with the prediction that Hassan Rouhani, a junior mullah and businessman, would be Iran’s next president. ( One wonders why that paragraph was not taken out.)

Needless to say Hiro appears to have never heard of such powerful, though semi-clandestine, organisations as the Hojatieh, the Fedayeen Islam, the Itharis , and the Islamic Coalition that have been swept into power in Tehran with Ahmadinezhad as their front-man.

Hiro’s discussion of the nuclear issue is also weak.

He accepts the official Tehran explanation that the Islamic Republic is not after nuclear weapons. But can anyone be that sure?

Another surprise is that Hiro appears not to have heard of any of the leading dissidents- people like Akbar Ganji and Hashem Aghjari, who are household names in Iran and well known in international media and human rights circles.


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Dilip Hiro sounds like an indian movie star rather than a writer.


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