Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Few Facts About Religious Minorities

Jewish, Armenian & Asyrian communities have lost more than fifty percent of their members after 1979 revolution. Most of these people left Iran because of discrimination.I remember in 1990's food stores run by religious minorities had to put a paper on their door:This store is run by a religious minority....why is that? Because for many Islamists religious minorities are "Najes" or dirty!!!Christians & Jews lost their own private schools and Islamic government controls all.To get a job first thing is to believe in Islam & Theocracy( Velayate faghi). if you are a Moslem and you are not a believer you can pretend to be a good Moslem but for somebody who belongs to other religion...game is over...or better I say game never starts.Other minorities such as Bahais or Sunnites or Evangelical Protestants or Sufists...get persecuted too.


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