Tuesday, May 23, 2006

When Cockroach Told Namana!

In Iran newspaper, a cocroach,in a cartoon,said Namana (means What in Turkish language). Look at results: Riots in several big cities in Turkish speaking region such as Tabriz where banks were burned.Azeri students protested in Tehran.NewsPaper editor and cartoonist were arrested.Newspaper was suspended.Demonstartions go on.
Newspaper offices were burned in several Azeri cities.Reason is Azeri people say Persian speaking ones insulted them and compared them to cocroaches!!!Cartoonist is an Azeri & Turkish speaking.

Look at the cartoon which shakes country!Read More on Global Voices


Blogger Bitchslap said...

What is the person saying to the cockroach? I don't really understand what the joke is supposed to be here.

Regardless of understanding the joke, though, as with the Danish cartoons, it's absurd that people are rioting over drawings.

12:54 PM  

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