Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why Referendum Proposition did not attract People?

Mr.Mohsen Sazgara's referendum proposition (Iranian people get chance to say they want Islamic Republic or not) did not attract Iranians and it can be considered a forgotten proposition. But why?

1-Never be Happened: Many believe Islamic Republic will never accept this because it means the end of regime.Then it is useless to sign petition....

2-A Bad Experience: After Revolution, a referandum was organized by Islamic leaders:
"Islamic Republic: Yes or Not".Yes won.Many now say they were not offered many options and they feel to be trapped.Outcome of referandum was Islamic Republic and the rest is history.People fear to repeat bad experience again.

3-Referandum ok, then What: Some say imagine people say no to a referandum to Islamic
Republic...then what? Will it be another one: Monarch:Yes or Not? Republic:Yes or Not?....Many believe royalists will win. First they have money to advertise Second many think a back to Shah regime can bring pre revolution prosperity


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