Monday, July 31, 2006

From Akbar Ganji to Akbar Mohammadi:International Pressure made a difference

Today Akbar Mohammadi, student activist died in prison because of hunger strike in Terhan.Unlike Akbar Ganji, Akbar Mohammadi did not get any media coverage or strong international support when he was isolated in his cell dying from hunger!Ganji is out collecting prizes and chatting with Chomsky thanks to international pressure and domestic mobilization.Mohammadi did get none!Even when Ganji made a hunger strike call to liberate three prisoners,Mohammadi was not on the list!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Too much Busy to see it is coming....

Roozna, Bozorgmehr HuseinPour

Guardian journal is wrong about Ahmadinejad's popularity

I just read an article in Guardian:A year on, Ahmadinejad's popularity is soaring 21 June 2006

I think the writer is wrong: 1- The journalist quotes a political science professor in Iran and another one from a government-affiliated Institute for Political and International Studies. I think first one is going to lose his job if he criticize Iranian President and second one gets his bread directly form government.
2-The journalist talks about unknown sources too:Independent Iranian sources....how we know that they are independent...or if they are independent,are they qualified ones...

By reading Iranian blogs I can not agree with this article.There is no independent name was mentioned in this article.Maybe Ahmadinejad has become more popular but we can not come to this conclusion by reading this article!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ganji & Chomsky

It seems that Noam Chomsky & Akbar Ganji met each other in US.In mid August Ganji will announce a platform for Iranian Democratic Movement!Chomsky will join him in a press conference at that moment!

An Original Demonstration

Thanks to NasleFards blog I learned about a very original demonstration against war in Lebanon.70 to 80 leftwing Iranians in red t shirts came together in Tehran and demonstrated for 50 minutes.No death wishes for Israel but just wishing peace and condemning war anywhere. At the end red tshirt demonstrators sang International song!!! Some have George Habash photos!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Global Voices: Finalist for Innovations in Journalism

Hezbollah Site in Persian English & Arabic!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fashion in Tehran or Show girls!

The List: Clerics of Consequence

In mosques from Cairo to Jakarta, influential Muslim clerics shape the opinions of the faithful. Their edicts can make or break governments, drive markets, and even incite violence. In this week’s List, Foreign Policy presents a guide to some of Islam’s leading holy men.Ayathollah Montazeri is the only Iranian on the list:READ MORE

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Too Much Talk about Ganji

It is fascinating to read different opinions about Ganji's trip, hunger strike and speech.Here first I mention Hoder's, Canada based blogger,idea ( it has already been mentioned on Gary Sick's Golfe 2000 and Global Voices:

Is Ganji Joining Sazgara

Things have been changing in the past few days for Akbar Ganji.

Since he arrived in London, he's started using the term 'regime change' more often and also, despite what he had previously said, it's very likely that he meets with Bush. So I suspect he's now joined the "Regime Change" campaign.

There are also other evidences.

Amir Taheri, a Paris-based journalist close to the American Neo-conservatives, reports that the hunger strike is a project organized by a new coalition of Iranian opposition groups in which Ganji only plays a symblolic leadership role. Because, as the well-connected Taheri suggests, "there is agreement that the initial phase of action against the Ahmadinejad administration must be led by independentpersonalities with no partisan affiliations." Then he notes that "the new consensus is already facing its first test over the campaign launched in favour of political prisoners."Read More

Majid Mohammadi a US based scholar wrote an answer to it but Dr.Gary Sick refused to publish that. With Mr.Mohammadi's persmission I publish it here:
New wave of imaginative speculations about Ganji's agenda outside Iran reminded me of the literature and approach of Iranian security agents who connect and interrelate everything and everyone, without any evidence or empirical support, to disqualify whoever they do not like or reject any action they do disapprove. These speculations are way beyond pure conspiracy theory; they are more deceptive, pseudo-analytical and fictional, using terms like "he does not know what he is doing", "he is new to this", and " he is consciously joined this and that." The sources
of these speculations are more notorious than the claims. These speculations show that you can glue some lies (e.g . Ganji has never lived outside Iran),misinformation and stories and make yourself a pundit who sees what famous and intellectual people cannot even imagine. To put Ganji and some names in a room that Ganji has never heard of, only to support your fiction- that does not even worth a dime- not only is amoral, but also disqualify the story-teller. Khamenei would surely use these speculations to imprison Ganji for another six years. For the love of Pete, let's do not make trouble for people who do not make trouble for us.
Majid Mohammadi

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wakeup, It was just a PHOTO!!!!

One interesting thing in Iranian "intellectual" planet is to talk about Ganji and his hunger strike,speculating about his meeting with US President and so on. Aramesh Doostar is a Germany based philosopher whose two key books about religious influence on Iranian way of (non)thinking have been very influential on Iranian philospohers & writers.This man who has never talked about politics took a photo with Ganji and this photo was seen by thousands of wired people. Now he wrote a political piece on Gooya.com to say Hey guys it is just a photo and do not support Ganji's ideas.
Doostar writes Ganji is a brave man and journalist but his thoughts are not going on the same direction that his: 1- Ganji just mentioned we do hunger strike for liberation of three people. Doostar said why just 3 names? What about the forgotten political prisoners? 2- Ganji says we should forgive but not forget. he means we should forgive torture, oppression and security agent guys who tortured us!Doostar remind us Ganji took part of Islamic Republic establishment for many years and he participated in repressing.Doostar says Ganji can forgive who he wants but he can not talk in other people's place.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Iranian Blogger is Free

Thanks to Nasle Farda blog I learned Abed Tavanche is free. Tavanche, blogger & studnet leader was jailed after a student protest movement in AmirKabir University.
He was in jail for 40 days.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

When could Iran get the Bomb?

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists,David Albright, READ THIS:Answering the question of how soon Iran could produce enough HEU for a nuclear weapon is complicated and fraught with uncertainty. Beyond the technical uncertainties, several other important factors are unknown. Will Iran develop an enrichment capability but produce only LEU for use in nuclear power reactors and not any HEU for use in a nuclear weapon? Will Iran withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), expel IAEA inspectors, and concentrate on building secret nuclear facilities? How does the Iranian regime perceive the political risks of a particular action, such as trying to make HEU in the pilot plant? What resources will Iran apply to finishing its uranium enrichment facilities? Will there be preemptive military strikes against Iranian nuclear sites?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Time to Arrest Friends!

In last two weeks, Iranian government arrested interesting people: Ayatollah Abtahi and Mr.Shokohi. First one whose son was a reformist Vice President, had been a supporter of Ahmadinejad during Presidential election.He & his son were sent to jail because of their belief and...regarding Hidden Imam.71 years old Ayatollah was in contact with people who have been in contact with Hidden Imam!!!Some say by putting old man in prison government wants to put pressure on his reformist son who writes what he (almost) likes about Ahmadinejad.

Second interesting case is Mr.Shokohi, editor (manager) of conservative Farda site. This man was considered for many years as a hardliner and intelligence agent.It seems Farad's hard words regarding Ahmadinejad's government & Co, led Shokohi to prison.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ganji & Hunger Strike

Ganji proposed a 3 days hunger strike all over the world if 3 political prisoners (Asdanlou, Mosavi Khoeni & Jahanbeglou) do not get liberated.He wants to attract international attention to Iran.Some political groups, blogs and ...have already supported his idea.BUT the main question is why he does not mention other political prisoners such as student leaders...Does he want to start with these three and then extend his demand to other ones? may be but we do not read such a thing in his proposal...It is a real bad mistake...Another question is what will be the world reaction and its influence on Iranian State? Honest with you I think there will be no influence on Islamic Republic.The action has more than symbolic value...it shows how many Iranians around the world are ready to follow Ganji's way...Is he "the leader" that opposition has been waiting for...or another face in the crowd...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ganji in Germany: A Photo with Philosopher

photo: Akhtar Ghasemi source:Jomhouri

Ganji took a photo with two Germany based Iranian philosophers,Aramesh Doostar & Nikfar.Doostar (older one)has written two radical philosophy books against religion & religious thinking. The books are available in Iran in underground market!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Islamic Republic: Jahanbegloo a US agent!!

According to BBC Persian, Iranian scholar,Ramin Jahanbegloo is accused by the Minister of Intelligence, Ejehi, to be a US agent. He was accused to prepare an Orange Revolution ( Soviet Union style). No document to back this accusation was not revealed. Jahanbegloo's new book about India will be published in UK by Oxford in August.