Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ganji & Hunger Strike

Ganji proposed a 3 days hunger strike all over the world if 3 political prisoners (Asdanlou, Mosavi Khoeni & Jahanbeglou) do not get liberated.He wants to attract international attention to Iran.Some political groups, blogs and ...have already supported his idea.BUT the main question is why he does not mention other political prisoners such as student leaders...Does he want to start with these three and then extend his demand to other ones? may be but we do not read such a thing in his proposal...It is a real bad mistake...Another question is what will be the world reaction and its influence on Iranian State? Honest with you I think there will be no influence on Islamic Republic.The action has more than symbolic value...it shows how many Iranians around the world are ready to follow Ganji's way...Is he "the leader" that opposition has been waiting for...or another face in the crowd...


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