Friday, July 07, 2006

Time to Arrest Friends!

In last two weeks, Iranian government arrested interesting people: Ayatollah Abtahi and Mr.Shokohi. First one whose son was a reformist Vice President, had been a supporter of Ahmadinejad during Presidential election.He & his son were sent to jail because of their belief and...regarding Hidden Imam.71 years old Ayatollah was in contact with people who have been in contact with Hidden Imam!!!Some say by putting old man in prison government wants to put pressure on his reformist son who writes what he (almost) likes about Ahmadinejad.

Second interesting case is Mr.Shokohi, editor (manager) of conservative Farda site. This man was considered for many years as a hardliner and intelligence agent.It seems Farad's hard words regarding Ahmadinejad's government & Co, led Shokohi to prison.


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Revolutions devour their children said a French philosopher (Rosso?)

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