Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Too Much Talk about Ganji

It is fascinating to read different opinions about Ganji's trip, hunger strike and speech.Here first I mention Hoder's, Canada based blogger,idea ( it has already been mentioned on Gary Sick's Golfe 2000 and Global Voices:

Is Ganji Joining Sazgara

Things have been changing in the past few days for Akbar Ganji.

Since he arrived in London, he's started using the term 'regime change' more often and also, despite what he had previously said, it's very likely that he meets with Bush. So I suspect he's now joined the "Regime Change" campaign.

There are also other evidences.

Amir Taheri, a Paris-based journalist close to the American Neo-conservatives, reports that the hunger strike is a project organized by a new coalition of Iranian opposition groups in which Ganji only plays a symblolic leadership role. Because, as the well-connected Taheri suggests, "there is agreement that the initial phase of action against the Ahmadinejad administration must be led by independentpersonalities with no partisan affiliations." Then he notes that "the new consensus is already facing its first test over the campaign launched in favour of political prisoners."Read More

Majid Mohammadi a US based scholar wrote an answer to it but Dr.Gary Sick refused to publish that. With Mr.Mohammadi's persmission I publish it here:
New wave of imaginative speculations about Ganji's agenda outside Iran reminded me of the literature and approach of Iranian security agents who connect and interrelate everything and everyone, without any evidence or empirical support, to disqualify whoever they do not like or reject any action they do disapprove. These speculations are way beyond pure conspiracy theory; they are more deceptive, pseudo-analytical and fictional, using terms like "he does not know what he is doing", "he is new to this", and " he is consciously joined this and that." The sources
of these speculations are more notorious than the claims. These speculations show that you can glue some lies (e.g . Ganji has never lived outside Iran),misinformation and stories and make yourself a pundit who sees what famous and intellectual people cannot even imagine. To put Ganji and some names in a room that Ganji has never heard of, only to support your fiction- that does not even worth a dime- not only is amoral, but also disqualify the story-teller. Khamenei would surely use these speculations to imprison Ganji for another six years. For the love of Pete, let's do not make trouble for people who do not make trouble for us.
Majid Mohammadi


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