Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wakeup, It was just a PHOTO!!!!

One interesting thing in Iranian "intellectual" planet is to talk about Ganji and his hunger strike,speculating about his meeting with US President and so on. Aramesh Doostar is a Germany based philosopher whose two key books about religious influence on Iranian way of (non)thinking have been very influential on Iranian philospohers & writers.This man who has never talked about politics took a photo with Ganji and this photo was seen by thousands of wired people. Now he wrote a political piece on Gooya.com to say Hey guys it is just a photo and do not support Ganji's ideas.
Doostar writes Ganji is a brave man and journalist but his thoughts are not going on the same direction that his: 1- Ganji just mentioned we do hunger strike for liberation of three people. Doostar said why just 3 names? What about the forgotten political prisoners? 2- Ganji says we should forgive but not forget. he means we should forgive torture, oppression and security agent guys who tortured us!Doostar remind us Ganji took part of Islamic Republic establishment for many years and he participated in repressing.Doostar says Ganji can forgive who he wants but he can not talk in other people's place.


Blogger # said...

i hope they can forgive you#

9:29 AM  
Blogger Alan Peters said...

About Akbar Ganji, here are some thoughts:

1. He was a member of the IRGC (Revolutionary Guards) and while posted in Turkey did much harm to those who had fled Iran - including in some reports - using torture. And they refer to him as the torturer in describing him.

2. His experience and management skils are rudimentry and he is not of the caliber needed for future leaders of Iran after the Mullahs are removed. At best he is a rabble rouser to try to crete crowds for demonstrations.

Perhaps his stint of suffering in prison at the hands of his former colleagues reflects "what goes around comes around".

There are lots of those like Ahmad Batebi and Fakhravar, good for street level,rousing rabble but not leaders who can help lead Iran into the Mullah-less future.

10:06 AM  

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