Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rafsanjani writes a letter: We are not a rich family!

Rafsanjani who has symoblised corruption for yeas, has written an open letter to religious students to say he is not the one you think.He explained he & his family never had any priviledge and if his sons have got high position it is just because they are smart...I do not want to say Rafsanjani is right or not but to ask a question: Why he writes the letter now? For two decades people and western media say this kind of things about his family and his fortune.He always made fun of them...now it seems things are becoming serious and he feels the heat.Ahmadinejad during Presidential election said all oil money is for one family...everybody understood he meant Rafsanjani family.I think he is not the strong man who made the IranGate deal but just another brick in the wall.


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